• Best Friends

    Best friends are sisters that god forgot to give us
    Best friends are shoulders that you can cry on
    Best friends are someone you can spill your every thought to
    Best friends laugh with you for hours about not one single thing... more »

  • Bestfriends?

    Best Friends
    Are supposed to be there for you
    There not supposed to be the one
    Who called you all those names that... more »

  • No More Middle School

    The day is almost here
    The day that we graduate from
    Middle school and go
    off to highschool... more »

  • Open Your Eyes

    Open your eyes and you will see
    That everything’s not okay
    Troops are at war
    Killing thousands... more »

  • People Like Us

    Life is given as a gift
    So it should be taken as one
    We should wake up thankful that the day came
    When you feel like you have it worst... more »

  • Who Was There?

    As the years go by
    You start to realize who
    Your real friends are
    The ones that stuck by you... more »