• Bloody Dreams

    see her bleeding from the cuts unknown
    shes gone to far
    shes cut to deep
    now she wonders to herself what it'll be like on the other side.... more »

  • Childhood

    i remember the time
    before he died
    my dad pushing me on the swings
    hugging me goodnight... more »

  • Good Bye

    How did this happen?
    Why did you leave?
    Wasn’t I important?
    Wasn’t I a need?... more »

  • Hate

    I hate myself and everything that i do.
    i dont know why i bother or why i try,
    sometimes i just want to crawl into a dark hole and die
    i dont understand these feelings i have... more »

  • Hurt

    carvings on my arm
    all alone doing harm
    its hard to understand why cutting releaves my pain
    i dont understand why im never happy... more »

  • I Beat Myself

    I beat myself bloody
    I beat myself raw
    See me sitting here with the knife that will end it all
    I slide the blade across my skin... more »

  • Left

    See the scars
    Taste the tears
    Rip the wounds
    Kill these fears... more »

  • Scars

    See the scars
    See her scars
    They are so noticeable
    So unfixable... more »

  • What You Do To Me

    see the blood dripping down my arm
    sometimes this pain is just so unbearable
    most the time i wonder how will this all end?
    do i deserve to be alive?... more »