• A Drop In The Ocean Of Love.

    To have waited for so long to nourish one's hungry heart
    with love, and to find that all too soon it tears you apart,... more »

  • A New Year Dawning.

    The earth revolves and brings a new dawning
    as into 2007 we merge from another morning.... more »

  • A Surprise Before Your Eyes

    A Surprise before your Eyes!

    My elderly Aunt May came to have dinner at our house
    and she was, as usual, not like that of a quiet little mouse.... more »

  • Against The Wind.

    I'll tell you of a story that happened once upon a time,
    and will tell it to you my way, in words that rhyme.... more »

  • Anagrams In Your Mind.

    Anagrams in your mind?
    Do leave worries behind.... more »

  • Another One Bites The Dust.

    A most charming man arrived into her world, so unexpectedly from 'out of the blue'
    and invited her to come onto his scene and to enjoy playing in the wider world.... more »

  • Appreciation

    Without darkness we know not light,
    Without depth we know not height.

    Without hunger we know not health,... more »

  • Are You The One?

    You sent a message to the world
    hoping to find a very special girl.... more »

  • Bud To Bloom

    The heat of the sun allows the bud to unfold
    as your love brings to me a radiance untold.... more »

  • Change The Winds

    We cannot change the winds,
    but the sails – yes, we can do... more »

  • Crikey!

    Today a new light has shon on our Australia from above
    as from Steve Erwin a message has arrived - with love.... more »

  • Deefa And Ceefa.

    Deefa and Ceefa.

    Once upon a time... more »

  • Destiny

    As I weave through this early Spring day
    many thought pass through my active mind,... more »

  • Diamonds From Heaven

    Too many long scorching summers of unending heat
    have passed and burned away hopes - no rain – defeat.... more »

  • Drought In Australia

    Drought in Australia.

    The Khaki 'strides' upheld only by the leather plaited belt,
    the colours in the checked cotton shirt and the Akubra felt... more »

  • Dusk In The Golden West.

    Streaks of the setting sun lay softly on the flaxen
    fields of the cold calm evening in the Golden West.
    Purple patches appear in the hilly horizon with the
    wintery night air putting the summer growth to the test.... more »

  • Enthused.


    Your appreciation for nature and the written word
    is to be bettered by very few I have seen or heard,... more »

  • Farewell To My Dad.

    Farewell to my Dad.

    A couple of things that you should know,
    if and when, to the next life you must go.... more »

  • Feelings.

    I am afraid to say the words, 'I love you' – or just... more »

  • Floor Flu.

    The Floor Flu.

    One handsome young man visited his lady friend
    and enjoyed her company, he didn't want it to end.... more »

  • For Joseph

    A new vessel has not character nor history,
    however, an older one has wisdom and leaves mystery.

    The worn and cracked vessel will dropp water for the seed to grow,... more »

  • Frogs.

    Some may think that I have 'gone to the dogs'
    when I tell them that I now love frogs.... more »

  • Fulfillment

    Why and how do I love thee?
    I love your good heart, you see
    I love the look of you - for me.... more »

  • Grace.

    I thank God for the food I eat
    and for all of the people I meet.... more »

  • Heart Strings.

    It is so easy to fall in love, and to 'connect' with another,
    but what else is needed to become a complete lover?
    Do we have enough 'cement' to hold us together for life?
    Do we have enough knowledge to prevent us from strife?... more »