• Joe Blake.

    Yeah, sweet sixteen, and way out of sight
    of the town's folk - and wonder you might.... more »

  • Lonely Old Man

    Lonely Old Man

    There is a wrinkled old man who now searches the streets,
    he's sad and lonely whilst taking love from those he meets.... more »

  • Love.

    Love is when we are compelled to stop - to hear and see
    what it is that has caught our attention so unexpectedly.
    It is when we must stop – to gaze and to listen... more »

  • Melding.

    It matters not what wealth, culture, colour, or creed,
    only to give fairly to one another, the love we need.... more »

  • My Canadian Rellies.

    Some years ago my Dad came to me one day
    and asked if with him I would travel far away,... more »

  • My Gift To You.

    My Gift for You.

    My gift for you is not black nor is it or blue.
    It's not tall or thin, - but comes from within.... more »

  • My Man

    I need a man who is strong enough to cry,
    I need a man who will always explain why.... more »

  • My New Poetic Friend

    For my new poetic friend - a special man I've met not so long ago,
    - a tall, lean man with a wonderful smile - I see it - you must know.
    I hope you smile when you read my poor prose,
    and when I ask you to write too - there'll be no 'no's.... more »

  • My Princess And Two Angels.

    My precious baby girl was born and gave me such joy
    as did the birth of one, and then another, wonderful boy.... more »

  • Nalini


    Out of the blue and from across the world arrived a beautiful girl Nalini,
    to my computer without warning or expectation there she was in writing.... more »

  • One Day In The Life Of A Lonely Lover.

    One Day in the life of a Lonely Lover.... more »

  • Poetry.


    Poetry - to me....
    is as the sand meets the sea,... more »

  • Primary Or Secondary

    Primary or Secondary.

    This wonderful 'sunburnt' land of milk and honey,
    so rich, beautiful, so plentiful – it's just not funny.... more »

  • Ray Of Sunshine.

    The first Ray of Sunshine came forth
    at my first child's, [a son] great birth.... more »

  • Ree And Me

    There is naught like the special, wonderful memory
    of good times long since shared 'tween 'Ree and me.... more »

  • Reflections.

    I sense the gum leaves from fresh country air
    I sense your nearness when you're not there.
    I sense the favourite foods you like to eat,
    I sense the paddocks of harvested wheat.... more »

  • Revelation.


    I cannot show you, nor can I hand to you,
    the knowledge given me, 'tis so very true.... more »

  • Scent In The Air

    A slight cool breeze wisps by my warm face
    through moving leaves, as of a shivery lace,... more »

  • Seasons Greeting For My Poetry Friends.

    Wow! How another year has suddenly passed by so quickly - SWISH!
    And now it's time again for more greetings to you from me - my wish.... more »

  • Set Free.

    My dear old Dad used to say, 'ya gotta e cruel to be kind',
    and of that understanding I found very hard for me to find,
    until into my life you came along
    and I now fully understand the song.... more »

  • Some Days.

    Some days will be white and as clear as a sunbeam
    Some days will be blue and as fresh as the Spring... more »

  • Sparkling Bubbles

    Many sparkling bubbles continue to fill my arteries and veins
    and many wonderful feelings my soft heart so willingly gains.... more »

  • Standing Out In The Crowd

    Standing out in the Crowd

    As if an aura surrounding it's halo, the most beautiful one does stand out in the crowd
    of so many alluring others, and mixes happily, play together, and for more make room.... more »

  • Teamwork From The Deep

    Teamwork from the Deep

    Wild winds wind wounding all, as they find their paths to their needy want
    to absorb all in their ways, ever so unforgiving and without care they haunt.... more »

  • That Magical Magnet.

    At our first greeting I saw your beaming smile and your nervous fear,
    and when we did next meet eye to eye, we hugged warmly and near.... more »