I was born in Samia, Busia Ke. I am an enthusiast writer mainly focusing on poetry, short stories, and novels. I have written several poems and I keep sharing them with people. My poems are motivated mainly by social issues in the environment we live in.

I use poems to inform, educate, and entertain. Although I do it during my free time, I consider writing as my full-time job. I write for fun.


Collins Obonyo Poems

Dear Mother-In-Law

I married a woman of red lips

Natural curves drew her hips... more »

Goodbye, Our Love

When you left us
My heart signed
My heart cried
My heart stilled... more »

Soul Mate

I walked down a narrow path
Gracing the purity of the earth.
My feet stumping upon the soil
And leaving a mark ineradicable... more »

Collins Obonyo Quotes

'The power of power lies in power'
It is through a powerful determination that a man understands the powerful fruits of power.

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