• Dear Mother-In-Law

    I married a woman of red lips

    Natural curves drew her hips... more »

  • Good Morning Dear

    Just before the horizons get clear
    Just before the heavens give way
    And as the birds sing with vigor
    And as trees sway, dancing to songs... more »

  • Goodbye, Our Love

    When you left us
    My heart signed
    My heart cried
    My heart stilled... more »

  • Heart Marks

    As the breeze blows across the earth
    In a momentous flow with a beat
    Similar to the throb of the sound
    Of ariver yelling over the rocks... more »

  • I Weep Of My Generation

    Is it not we who live today
    Like we will not see tomorrow?
    Is it not we who strive to gain
    The lengthy kingdom of this world?... more »

  • Letter To My Wife

    Dear love,
    I hope you are peacefully alive.
    Pass my regards to mum and dad.
    Hopefully, they are alive.... more »

  • My Neighborhood

    In my rich neighborhood
    I see a people so fat
    Fed to the touch of the skin.
    They are unusually big here... more »

  • Soul Mate

    I walked down a narrow path
    Gracing the purity of the earth.
    My feet stumping upon the soil
    And leaving a mark ineradicable... more »

  • The Bird

    The bird settled in my arm
    And relaxed its wings
    Sighing for the long journey
    And striving to catch a breath.... more »

  • The Ethnic Coffin

    I saw a coffin, just outside the mansion near my home
    It was totally black and with golden shades.
    I moved closer to have a view of its contents.
    I had heard it, that it lies there every evening... more »

  • The Fish

    We caught a fish
    That has been elusive
    On this dry island.
    But the fish was heavy... more »