• A Pink Rose

    She sailed into my life
    Like a fresh pink rose bud;
    Tender, fragile, delicate.... more »

  • A White Crane

    A blood-soaked white crane,
    Soars up -
    To the gold dust sprinkled firmament,
    Sweeping across the blue lagoon -... more »

  • Aashiyana

    Rishton ke kohre mein bhatakta dil
    Dhoondta firey ek aashiyana,
    Kahin par bana hai reton ka mahal
    To kahin sheeshey ka afsana.... more »

  • Ab To Pyas Bujha Ja

    Jhulasti dhoop pe bikhra
    Baadal ka dilkash saaya;
    Hawaaon ke pankhon par utrey
    Boondon ki haseen pariyan;... more »

  • Amaanat

    Rimjhim barasti ghataaon se saawan,
    Jaise kehkasha mein lipti jazbon ki ulzhan.... more »

  • Comfort Zone

    You repose in your tortoise shell
    Your perfect comfort zone.

    Let’s have a pillow fight.... more »

  • Divine Interference

    Your fathomless ocean resources
    Conserve both manna and gall.

    Two divers plunged.... more »

  • Echo-Cardiograph

    Let me press my seventh sense -
    Upon your cardiac desire,
    And transcribe -
    Your each pulsating beat... more »

  • Educational Deficiency Syndrome

    I once met a person
    Of profound knowledge
    Wisdom and experience.... more »

  • Emotional Metabolism

    I chanced upon a mirror
    Along a boulevard - less travelled;
    Picked it up,
    And held it before myself,... more »

  • Empathy

    Scanned the whole world through,
    Never found a second self -
    Who hurt me more than you.... more »

  • How Can I Give You My Heart?

    Lady, how can I give you my heart?
    My heart - my most precious asset,
    That I’ve nurtured like a baby.... more »

  • I Feel Your Presence

    On moonlit nights,
    When the wind chimes tinkle,
    I feel your presence every where.... more »

  • Kadar Na Jaani

    Waqt ne haqeekat dikhlaya
    Par tu ne na pehchaani,
    Sanam tu ne chaahat ki meri
    Kabhie kadar na jaani.... more »

  • Kishmish

    Upar se khushk,
    Andar se narm;

    Thori si sehmi,... more »

  • Like Mohenjo-Daro (Mound Of The Dead)

    Every time I reconstruct my citadel,
    Your Indus invades;
    And I stand submerged in your currents,
    With a lost civilization,... more »

  • Mágico De La Pintura/Magic Painting

    In a magic painting book,
    I tried conjuring up your image;
    With hues of transparent tears,
    And brush strokes of gentle poetry.... more »

  • Mistaken

    When I perceived you
    As the way you ought to be,
    I groped -
    Searching in front,... more »

  • My Missing Alter-Ego

    In every rendezvous –
    With my scorched, ruminating consciousness,
    I endeavour to excavate the stifled “me”,
    Amidst a mound of endless creepers -... more »

  • Nativity

    As I close my eyes
    I see you
    As a hearth of blazing fire... more »

  • Nothing More To Lose

    When did I ever intend
    A vicious power game?
    When did I have malice
    To make a single claim?... more »

  • Pocket Full Of Hearts

    On a beach of love-sands
    I strolled lazily
    Collecting red crystal hearts
    And pocketed them... more »

  • Price Of Love

    I fathom every secret
    Of your tender heart’s desire,
    And utter all you want -
    To hear me say;... more »

  • Siphon

    Your thirsty neurons siphon
    From the sinews of the brain,
    Dark secrets of the heart
    Leaving no trace or stain.... more »

  • Sneak Preview

    You peeped into my room,
    To take a sneak preview-
    Of my wedding night;
    And vituperated... more »