• A Broken Record Of An Unforgotten Past

    Woke up, the sun was shinning,
    The sky........blue.
    I saw my best friend's picture,
    Happiness settled in... more »

  • A Dead Heart

    *Heavy Sigh*
    I don't even know why I even considered to try,
    Don't even know why I would risk hurt again
    To feel for a minute what I know to me is forbidden.... more »

  • A Penny For My Thoughts

    At nights I think what should have been,
    What could have been or even what must be.
    At times I wonder IF........,
    If we were truly meant to be.... more »

  • Confliction

    Muddled, my mind is as muddled as can be,
    I look at you and words I cant seem to express
    just float and sink and twirl around escaping my lips... more »

  • Deep...

    Deep… when we talk… it’s just deep,
    You called, I picked up, and then we just … relaxed.
    You looked at me and I you.. and we just clicked
    We got a vibe I just never felt before.... more »

  • Failure

    Today i cried like never before
    Hurt rising to the surface.
    Screams echoing loudly in my mind,
    Guilt washed and engulfed me whole.... more »

  • Just Let Go...

    At times I feel the end is near,
    My outlook often turns bleak,
    I cry and mope and feel depressed,
    Not realizing that it is only just a test.... more »

  • Just Move On...

    You say I am cold and bitter,
    You say I'm always mean.
    You say that I'm a frustrating b$tch
    Who makes you want to slap yourself and scream.... more »

  • Life?

    Succes without love......
    Joy without pain....
    incomplete.... more »

  • Luv Me For A Fool

    I know u said you love me,
    Yet we feel like strangers siting side by side,
    I Know you said you would never hurt me,
    Yet thoughts of you brings a hollow pain to my heart,... more »

  • Never -Ending Tears

    I cried,
    Tears pouring down my face ever so freely
    despite numerous wipes, eyes clenching to hold them back
    salty droplets of water akin to loving you, akin to being mad at you... more »

  • No One To Trust And The Universe Laughs…

    In this world the lesson taught is honesty is not the best policy
    Lie, Cheat, Hurt and Betray is what is encouraged throughout the day.
    Smile in peoples faces, yet hate them in your heart
    Bring another down and get a good start.... more »

  • No Thank You! !

    I try........., ,
    To be the statue you want me to be,
    To be the colour u box me in,
    To be this gender, a subservent girl... more »

  • Pain. Life Happiness. The End

    Pain continuously runs through my veins,
    Yet i continuously smile through this
    continuously laugh for others comfort,
    for others enjoyment while I suffer.... more »

  • Pity Party

    Every day I wake up I think I am blessed
    I think I am Special
    I think today is a Good Day the Lord has made... more »

  • Secret Lover Or Forever Friend.. Expect The Unexpected…

    Kisses potent, eyes telling a story only expressed in motion,
    Smile so bright it warms me more than the sun.
    Your touch sets off fire works and I scramble to find words as it throws me off kilter.
    Our conversations with our bodies are as deep... more »

  • Silent Love

    He glosses over me,
    He lingers on her smile,
    His eyes say the words held by his tongue.
    I stand aside watching, waiting... more »

  • The Game… Did I Win Or Did I Lose And Will It Ever Stop?

    So here, I was in the middle between the present and the past,
    Leaning towards the present as it had more intrigue and clout.
    Amusingly though, as life always is, my past and present were in the same predicament.... more »

  • The Good Stuff That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes And Hope To Your Heart...

    I cried…
    Today I cried, tears spilling down my face,
    Droplets of water just running down,
    The kind you shed when your heart aches,... more »

  • Yes.. Its Another Midnight Saga.

    Interesting… ‘Tis the word frequently used to describe this phenomena,
    Amazing isn’t it? You have so much to say when the person is absent,
    Yet when in their presence the cat took your tongue and ran like it saw a dog.
    Your mind goes blank, you start to talk gibberish... more »