• Army

    A dream changes wat I feel
    for this stronge thing I have
    no control over
    A vistion in your head while... more »

  • Around The Wood

    A sound is there that you cant hear, only I and a fewother may hear
    we that hear invite angels of earth
    Weeping though that course wood is a narrow trail we can find only when walking alone, seaking what may come
    Along the trail a flowing stream full of life. It seems to follow every step untill it parts fast to the right as if trying to tell us not to go furture. not to see whats next... more »

  • Autumn Days

    ... more »

  • Brody

    ik u have a little secret and would
    tell me wat it is,
    But i think ik wat it is
    I cant beleive it maybe true... more »

  • By Josh Nickerson

    Sometimes love, feels like pain, and sometimes I wonder if it's all the same, sometimes life, feels just like rain, cause you never know, when it's gonna
    fall down on you

    I wish you well, I wish you well, on this trip to find yourself, I wish you well, wish I could help, but I can't help you find yourself... more »

  • Choke Up

    why am i still her y didnt she just do it
    end all my suffering, ik ill be missed but people move on they forget things maybe ill be forgotten in there lives
    i dont mind ik i can make it somwhere else insted of here
    pain, tears, sadness are all the thing people see in my eyes these days... more »

  • Closed Off

    i never knew i could feel for u and him
    it new and i dint know wat to do
    i said many things
    i regret no of them i didnt whant you to say... more »

  • Falling

    Leaves fallin all around as my heart melts with sadness an enjoyment

    (chorus) Please change your mind and take me home, Home to be happy ever after...an after... more »

  • Fear

    Fear is wat I feel when u dont talk to me,
    its the only feeling I can seem to reach for
    when i can see ur mad at me,
    I never know why u are but I can sence you are... more »

  • Forests

    Iv always liked walking thruogh the forests but when ever
    I do I end up cring trying to figure why i cant be happy
    when everyone likes im actually popular, somwhat
    And though I cry I always feel better after, better like... more »

  • Goodbye To Mark


  • Hush

    Come on Baby Please don't cry,
    I know its gonna be alright
    Stiffen up and hold it, I'm gonna be here all night
    I know nobody is here right now and you cant see why,... more »

  • I Want Him To Know

    of all the times we walked together
    you never seemed to know about my past
    i want you to know that its ok to sayy i understand
    of all the times we talked online... more »

  • Im Not Ok(Remix)

    I havent eaten today, Ik i should know better
    I need u to know im not tho the day
    Im still fighting with my elders, i need u to know that u'll be ok... more »

  • Last Years Regrets(Are This Years Lovers)

    What would happen if we woke up together in a white sheeted bed,

    would we try agian to perfect owr experences, or would we just leave that unspoken.... more »

  • Listen And Ur Hear My Song Of Wat May Come

    if your quiet an use all ur senses ull here
    somthing a beutilful as u say i am
    If you stay with me than you will here it as a beating drum
    one from a hidden place i shall try to find... more »

  • Love Me

    i miss you as you walk away from me after just minut seconds
    i am your number one, please becarefull and dont lie to me
    we'ever had a fight and i know we will and it might end all i heard people say about us
    From the time i saw you in class i hoped wed be together... more »

  • Pills

    though all the days i had scread for you,
    u hear my prays but u must be to busy to answer an lonly girls crys
    tho all the years i have tried many differnt things to keep the pain afar
    you keep me away from the pills i could have easilly taken... more »

  • Promise

    You saiD that if u and the other girl dont end up working out
    Yuo said your mine, well my my angel i dont know if i can do that
    You say that if i want something i should go for it
    i tried to go for wat i wanted but befor i could u said u... more »

  • Protection

    last last nigh while in my deepest sleep, i had a dream

    I needed to talk to him yet it was about 2am. at night and I got a ride from my friend t.b to go over his house
    I didnt want to wake his grandparents so i knoked on his window... more »

  • Red Water

    deep and green or shallow and blue
    it really dont matter where it comes from
    I will always see fear and pain in your
    clear colored eyes... more »

  • Savage

    this is the moring
    this is the day
    spirts of the sky and earth
    plz dont let be to late... more »

  • Steady As The River

    Thay want me to be steady as the river
    but river are never stead the always changing
    never stoping, they always chose the way that... more »

  • Thet Fade

    scars fade as everything gets worse
    people start talking bout me again
    and I feel like I need the releaf soon
    Hes so great to me yet i lied to him... more »

  • Three

    Three little words people say to much
    Three littles words say quite a lot
    Three little words mean wat other wat them too
    The question is do these three little words... more »