Im just another person with alot of stuff going wrong in his life who expresses himself through poetry. For example my dad died july 4th 2006 and i love my girlfriend with all my heart and she loves me just as much but seems like everyone is trying to break us up befor my dad died i couldnt write a single poem but i guess when he died he gave me his talent


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Trucker Jeff 07 Sep 2006 08:48
In life we all share a common goal and that is to become a simple little soul. Now Coo it is very important for you to internalize this thought. Life is full of many ups and downs. As your years begin stacking up you will begin to see big things like an awesome vacation are never as grand as we would imagine them to be. Little things like drinking coffee with someone you love from a matched pair of coffee mugs is a deep residing comfort. Better than a new car or a fine trip. It helps to keep the soul little and content. There is joy in the little things. Great poem I give it a 10!