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My friends call my Coreena that's my name!
Sweet and innocent I proclaim!
I'm a taurus stubborn as can be!
Meet me and at first you'll agree!
Raised in the Michigan outside Detroit City.
I'll be known to show you up, I'm very witty.
I may be a military girl but quite a rule breaker,
Just can't get introuble for being a risk taker.
See me and I'll smile but don't be fooled,
My Ex will tell you my reputation was over-ruled.
I laugh, I joke, but my skin isn't always thick,
Raised a tom boy, but I'm still a chick.

Part 2-
I can be a complex person this is true,
I'm writing this poem for your review,
I've already told you where I'm from,
I keep to myself but known by some.
I have long blond hair and very blue eyes,
A portioned body with some thick thighs.
Freckled face and very light skin,
I'm very curvy, but not too thin.
I'm 140lbs and whole five four,
Ok I'm not describing looks anymore.
I don't fall into a category nor a group,
Switch up my style and throw you for a loop.
I can get along with any type of crowd,
But won't see me being the one getting loud.
I try to stay away from drama and its sickness,
Something pops off I wanna be gone with a quickness.
I don't get along with females all to well,
If I don't like you I'm blunt I'm quick to tell.
Most of my friends happen to be guys,
And you know with that problems tend to arise.
It's hard for me to get jealous you'll see,
But as everyone does and I can to a degree.
Now that you know a little more don't dare be shy,
Thank you for reading my poem it's now time to say goodbye.

Part 3-
So you want to know bout me,
More bout Coreena AKA CC,
To me no girl can ever compare,
I got my own taste I’m very rare.
A white chick that wears the jays,
Don’t take any crap and my bills I pay.
25 years old and no kids,
Dresses up and wears lids.
I can rock them heals and low cut tops,
Lady in the streets but in the bed can’t stop.
They call me Kinky Keena ooo tie me up,
Know your limits -this isn’t two girls one cup.
Doesn’t want a guy to take care of me,
I’m a very independent woman see.
Don’t be scared just know your place,
A man without a job is such a disgrace.
The sexiest thing - a man that handles business,
Not the ones that knock up a girl - then gone with a quickness.
A single father has it the roughest,
How a man handles life shows his toughness.
I got that loving caring personality,
Sometime showing too much generosity,
I’m original this girl is pure and true,
Like sugar licked sweet all the way through.
I don’t bite but known to nibble,
Never stay in the lines I like to scribble.
Push my limits in situations,
Oooo and I love various temptations!
Before I push my poem into rated X
Let me just end this subject.
This is just another blurb about CC,
Wait for the next intro to me.


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My friends call my Coreena that's my name!
Sweet and innocent I proclaim!
I'm a taurus stubborn as can be!
Meet me and at first you'll agree!... more »

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Sreelekha Premjit 08 Mar 2008 04:30
I like your spirit. I can see the fiesty army girl fighting it out in your poems.