• ♥ 03/04/2008 B Crying Because I Love ♥

    When we are over were not over I'll be your friend,
    Sorry that our passionate love didn't last till the end,
    I still love you so very much this is so true,
    I could have spent every moment of my life with you.... more »

  • ♥ 09/03/2008 B Eyes The Passion The Fire ♥

    Deep passionate eyes telling a story,
    Showing every down fall and potential glory.
    Your eyes looking deeply inside mine,
    Telling me showing me how I missed the signs.... more »

  • ♥ 09/07/2008 B Happiness Oh The Feeling ♥

    Keep talking, keep downing, keep judging it’s making me stronger,
    Keep telling lies, keep twisting stories, your misery you keep longer.
    The misery you brought me found me happiness I never knew existed,
    You hurting me didn’t make me happy don’t get it twisted.... more »

  • ♥ B Coreena ♥

    My friends call my Coreena that's my name!
    Sweet and innocent I proclaim!
    I'm a taurus stubborn as can be!
    Meet me and at first you'll agree!... more »

  • ♥ B Coreena Part 2 ♥

    I can be a complex person this is true,
    I'm writing this poem for your review,
    I've already told you where I'm from,
    I keep to myself but known by some.... more »

  • 03/06/2008 Kiss, First Or Last ♥

    Heart beating as if I was a teen,
    Trying hard not to be heard nor seen,
    First kiss wasn't supposed to lead to more,
    Felt so great I couldn't bare to ignore.... more »

  • 03/07/2008 Eyes Wide Open

    How can one person make someone so confused,
    All you think is that you have been accused.
    Don't you realize I believe them this time,
    My friend? What my friend oh that’s such grime.... more »

  • 03/07/2008 Remembrance Of Me

    You'll remember the smell of my hair,
    And the style of clothes I wear.
    You'll remember the way I look,
    As you'll look at the pictures I took.... more »

  • 03/07/2008 Would You

    I find myself dreaming about you,
    Would you be my one and only boo?
    Would you actually stand by my side,
    Love me even after I have cried?... more »

  • 03/08/2008 Deployed Troop

    I'm getting ready for bed I begin to think,
    My life change with just a little bit of ink.
    Where could I have been instead of here,
    My eyes dropping yet another tear.... more »

  • 03/08/2008 Depressing Moment

    I feel my heart harding bitter and cold,
    The things that happen in my life are getting old.
    I'm becoming very numb and hating things,
    Just the little obstacles that life brings.... more »

  • 03/08/2008 I Was Lost

    Do you hear that wait listen closely,
    It's myself, me wait me.. who I love mostly.
    I finally found myself I was in there,
    I was hurt but I'm going to repair.... more »

  • 03/08/2008 Karma

    I'm a ticking bomb listen to me tick,
    All because you thought you were slick.
    Your making my life crumble look at the pieces,
    All the hatred and anger increases.... more »

  • 03/08/2008 Leave Me Alone ★

    Another email another dang little note,
    Anger arise with what you wrote.
    Pleading come home look into my eyes,
    For what so you can tell me more lies.... more »

  • 03/08/2008 Miss You

    Your leaving I already miss you,
    I look back and your still in view,
    Your smile I still can see,
    As you look back and glance at me,... more »

  • 03/09/2008 Losing Your Love ♥

    So many words but nothing can describe,
    Everything that’s going on and how I feel inside,
    My emotions are spread so vastly apart,
    The pain I feel to the bottom of my heart.... more »

  • 03/10/2008 B Death - Not Accepting Not Adapting R.I.P Virginia

    Tear drops streaming down,
    Everyone with a permanent frown,
    Sensing the sadness in the room,
    The shock the situation hit with a boom.... more »

  • 03/10/2008 Revenge Not Very Sweet ★

    Down to every pit of my core,
    I earn to get even to settle the score.
    Telling you I'm lusting over another man,
    I ask myself the question how I can.... more »

  • 03/11/2008 'Love' No A 'Virus'

    You adore the idea of this thing called love,
    Kisses and romance I'm just so sick of.
    I believe love is an infection, something caught a virus,
    Like your favorite flower, for instance like mine an iris,... more »

  • 03/11/2008 Reality Of Disgust

    I place my hands over my face I want to scream,
    I wish I could pinch myself and find out it was a dream.
    A phone call changes every emotion every feeling I've had,
    As soon as I heard my moms voice it was going to be bad.... more »

  • 03/16/2008 Broken B ♥

    It's been torn out my veins still pumping,
    He's holding it in his hands still thumping.
    His name has been engraved so deep,
    I just sit there close my eyes and weep.... more »

  • 03/17/2008 Leave The One You Love?

    One day if he keeps this up he'll reach for her in the night,
    Only to find a pillow, bearing her sweet scent.
    Has his actions reached the point
    That her love for him isn't meant?... more »

  • 03/19/2008 Love Lost Depressed

    My heart belongs to someone I love,
    Someone I constantly think of.
    Strong woman don't cry not a tear,
    Supposed to lock up show no fear.... more »

  • 03/20/2008 Can'T Sleep ♥

    I'm laying here in bed drifting fast alseep,
    Holding on and reviewing every memory I keep.
    I think about every little argument we've had.
    Every word type spoken the good, happy, and sad.... more »

  • 03/22/2008 Shattered ♥

    Like mishandled window dropped it broke,
    Like pieces of glass it went in all directions,
    Million of little pieces spread on the floor,
    You walked over it cracking every piece,... more »