• Are You Ready

    You may think what you want.
    But I'm telling you, this is no game.
    Cause now the ride has begun.
    Inside my heart you've caused a flame.... more »

  • But Now I Wonder

    Never have I wondered
    if you were the one for me
    After time when I met you
    I knew you were the choice for me.... more »

  • Confessions Of A Man

    Yeah ladies I understand
    all the things you went through.
    I too carry the scars
    from love's battle wounds.... more »

  • Dice Game

    Rent is due
    I ain't got no time.
    Only 30 bucks
    and that ain't a dime.... more »

  • Garden Of Love

    I bumped into the Garden Of Love
    Because love, I have never seen.
    Though I've searched far and wide,
    But its covered by a screen.... more »

  • God's Little Angel

    Please..please don't fret none,
    For I came to do what was to be done.
    My Father knew me, I was a plan for the earth.
    Built me to accomplish my job, blessed my mom with my... more »

  • Gon' Preacher Preach

    While sitting in the congregation I realize,
    must have been when the spirit hit me.
    I notice all the souls that were closed inside,
    of this known place that many come to see.... more »

  • I Can Show You How 2 Love

    Yeah, you were good at playing the fox girl
    When I was good you threw me a bone
    But I don't play games with nobody
    And I wasn't a fool to bring you home... more »

  • I Can’t Promise

    I can’t promise
    I won’t ever make you mad
    I can’t promise
    There won’t be times when you will feel sad... more »

  • I Didn'T Do It

    Many times I gave u things;
    Many times I've spend;
    Many times I've tried;
    to show the love I have within.... more »

  • I Don'T Want You To

    I know that you won't listen
    But honey this is real
    For once I'll open my heart
    And for once you will see it spill... more »

  • I Will Still Be There

    Wasn't I there
    when you stood and walked?
    Wasn't I there
    when you began to talk?... more »

  • If It Wasn'T For You

    I couldn't understand why a guy
    would kill himself over a girl.
    My lack of understanding,
    thru living life my mind has unfurled.... more »

  • In Rememberance

    I remember the times,
    when I saw your face.
    I'd rejoice to feel,
    Your warm embrace.... more »

  • Journey Began

    Tis a new season
    and new a chapter
    cause after the marriage
    its the morning after.... more »

  • Keep-A-Living

    As a child I was innocent,
    there were things I didn't understand.
    I would run to sit on the porch,
    and grab hold to the arms of this old man.... more »

  • Letter To The Woman

    I met you and loved you,
    but what does that mean?
    Cause feelings you express,
    it's not love it seems.... more »

  • Married As One

    Last year around this time,
    I had written you a card.
    An expression of my soul inclined,
    so I wrote with no regard.... more »

  • My Lord, My Jesus

    Many do not acknowledge you,
    For their reasons I don’t know why?
    For some still are crucifying you,
    Denying that you even died.... more »

  • My Son

    It was joy I felt
    down in my bones.
    As I remember
    when bringing you home.... more »

  • Note To Wife

    This morning I browsed the internet,
    to send you some kind words.
    Because this same morning (I walked in) ,
    your words I have not heard.... more »

  • Scared Of U As You U Of Us

    So you say that
    there are no good men,
    and men have it easy.
    Well, by being a man,... more »

  • Show Me How To Hear You

    I'm sitting here alone
    waiting to hear your voice
    To listen I am prone
    to hear you I'll rejoice... more »

  • Unconditional Love

    We have our good times
    and we have our bad.
    But through it all
    I still am glad.... more »

  • Until

    Until you know about sacrificing
    all of your wants for your needs.
    Until you know about loving a child
    later finding its not your seed.... more »