• We Still Will Remember

    Whenever you came
    the comments you'd have,
    Those were the things
    that made us laugh.... more »

  • We Will Awake Soon

    As we travel this journey called life,
    We only live because of HIS Word.
    HE knew us cause we were HIS thoughts,
    HE spoke and our lives occurred.... more »

  • Well I Am

    I thought she needed someone faithful.
    Well, I am...

    I thought she wanted someone she can trust.... more »

  • Why Are We Being Prep

    It's so funny,
    Cause I remembered many days.
    I've had the same thoughts,
    Knowing how problems and burdens weighs.... more »

  • Wonderful

    An admiration feeling,
    when I gaze upon your face.
    Can't seem to wonder,
    our love in another time, season, or place?... more »

  • Words

    Your words it has power,
    for which you may not know.
    You were created in GOD's image,
    Read Genesis (1: 27) and it will show.... more »

  • You Say That You Luv Me

    So you say that you love me,
    But how can I tell?
    You left me many times,
    Through our hardtimes you bail.... more »