• If I Could Get Away (Inspired By A Question From Is It Poetry) (C) 6-29-09

    While messaging Poemhunter veteran Is It Poetry he said this to me 'I have been trying to write a couple of words that some younger peoples might like..
    what do u and your friends talk about that you would do if you could...?
    but you cant because of the price you would pay if you slipped and got....? ... fill in the blank...' So I return the in saying... more »

  • If I Could Turn Back Time (C) 1-10-2011

    Personally I’d start off with my introduction to you
    And tell you the truth of every situation I’m in
    I’d hold you close and make sure that we’d see eye to eye
    But my only trouble would be in knowing where to begin... more »

  • If I Died... (C) 5-11-09

    If I died…
    Will it even matter?
    Will I even be remembered?
    Would anyone care?... more »

  • If Only I Had A Voice (C) 5-28-09

    Who am I even talkin to man I feel smaller than a negative decimal
    I’m unseen and feeling little like my body and mind is infitesstimal
    What I need to do is get on my knees and start yelling Hosanna
    Before I walk all the way to Georgia and get shot In Atlanta... more »

  • If You Can Imagine (C) 8-6-2010

    Imagine living in solace,
    And living life to the fullest,... more »

  • I'Ll Always Love You (C) 3-17-08

    When the sea turns to air and air inhabits the sea
    When I go back in age and turn to three
    When maximum becomes less than mini
    When a dollar becomes less than a penny... more »

  • I'Ll Miss (Extended Version) (C) 6-25-09

    I’ll Miss the road we had ahead
    And I’ll miss our plans for when we wed
    I’ll miss the time we used to waste
    And I’ll miss when you couldn’t be replaced... more »

  • I'M A Slave (C) 5-30-2010

    I’m a slave,
    To you and only to you,
    A step into accepting the facts
    You and I have seen war on each other... more »

  • In Their Shoes (C) 2-2-20

    Size eleven and a half on the left
    And slightly a size 12 on the right…
    But I never thought I’d fit into a six again
    I grew the foot of a woman, and walked in her shoe... more »

  • Inch By Inch (C) 7-28-2011

    Inch by Inch I role by slow
    Positioning myself in the world, but only with the wind I blow
    Hotter than coal sprinkled with sulfur in a gas fire
    Genuine source of ecstasy and still gettin you higher... more »

  • Is It A Crime? (C) 5-7-08

    Is it a crime for me to love you the way I do
    Is it a crime for me to have a lust for you
    Well if it is then have me arrested and sent to jail
    Put me on trial but they all shall fail... more »

  • Jade Heart

    My whole life I always knew my stand and position
    I myself was never jealous at heart
    But I found myself envying him when you’re together
    How I long for a kiss from your sweet lips... more »

  • Jigsaw (C) 12-8-09

    He had some troubles with his mind
    There was this eerie design
    That made him feel he was so out of line
    It was a piece to a puzzle... more »

  • Just My Luck (Short Story Or Long Poem) (C) 5-17-2010

    There was somethin for him to do but he just couldn’t remember
    A mental picture of a memo but the paper was blank
    Was he to thank somethin, not a clue was in sight
    So he just let it go hoping that it would turn up alright... more »

  • Just Remember (C) 6-27-07

    I know we've been together for so long
    but there's something I've never said
    It's not will you marry me
    or we'll be together until the day we're dead... more »

  • Just Tellin You (C) 12-16-08

    To know I want you to
    That no matter what you do
    I will love you and love you
    And it’ll always be true... more »

  • Kristin (C) 7-14-07

    Krazy, Kute, and she doesn't have a klue
    Rhythmic, righteous, and someone to review
    Interesting, Intelligent, and maybe sometimes iffy
    Sassy, Sexy, a true sexy splendid sissy... more »

  • L.A.S.E.R.S. (C) 12-8-09

    I got a notion that soon I’ll be your magic potion
    Populate the young minds with seeds that are extra potent
    Bring the right into the world and leave the left behind
    And travel the distance until it is peace that we find... more »

  • Land Of The Free (C) 3-29-08

    Land of the Free home of the brave
    Land of disease home of the slave
    Freedom of religion Freedom of speech
    Freedom of press and freedom to breach... more »

  • Lax Kiss (C) 2-26-2010

    Anguish peeks around the corner looking to excite your mind
    Trouble lurks in the ceiling, waiting for it’s chance to pounce
    Punishment is inevitable and depression is the only cure
    But with a kiss of relaxation your troubles burrows away,... more »

  • Letter From A Bullet (C) 3-26-09

    Now I don’t who this is to I was never good with a name
    All I’m good for is terror, destruction and findin a person to maim
    Some thinks it’s for a good cause, thinkin I could ever be tamed
    But I just say if I were you I’d stand back if you don’t want to be lamed... more »

  • Life Of A Gangsta (C) 2-12-09

    A story in the life of a gangsta from the hood
    This lifestyle had to stop and his mama really wished he would
    Sometimes the boy would sit back and think knowing he really should
    But he was sworn in so there’s no way that the boy really could... more »

  • Life Of A Navy Seal (C) 2-15-09

    He grew up believing he could protect and serve his nation
    When at a military festival he visited every station
    For some reason he was compelled to the Navy life
    Roam the seas for a year without bein with his wife... more »

  • Lost The Will To Live (C) 4-19-09

    Not another sad poem, I’m sick of writing sad poems
    Poems of heartbreak and deceit
    Poems in which I’m emotionally set on fire
    And my under garments are drenched in gasoline... more »

  • Love At First Type (C) 6-27-07

    The first time I mailed you I knew it was love at first type
    Cause when you replied I was overwhelmed with a cyber hype
    I felt that you could understand my messages no matter how I IM
    Because she just texts back IWALH (I will always love him)... more »