• Quote: Save (C) 12-19-09

    ... more »

  • R&B (C) 1-15-09

    Once upon a time there were two brothers
    And they were by the same mother
    And they loved their family and the community and others
    They were alike in every way except they like a different color... more »

  • Rainbow (C) 5-15-07

    Red, orange, yellow, indigo, blue, violet, and green
    seven colors that everyone except the blind has seen
    Beautiful colors perfectly put together as a team
    It's a blessing seeing the beautiful rainbow gleam... more »

  • Raindrops (C) 12-25-2010

    Wait ssh…can you hear it
    I’m guessin not
    Cause none of em every cries
    No smart replies and none of em ever lies... more »

  • Reaper (C) 3-13-2013

    Death... Its been so long since you've visited me...
    Your cold embrace coolin my burning soul
    I miss your touch, your offer to free me from pain is tempting
    But you know how much I love surprises.... more »

  • Reasons Why: Pt.1: Jay-Z (C) 1-24-09

    I’m sick of people askin me where has my mind gone
    The constant anguish keeps my mind throbbin on an on
    So now I’ll say it with the courage and the boldness of my heart
    So this is one answer in the series so here I’ll begin to start... more »

  • Reasons Why: Pt.2: Man-Nerism (C) 3-28-09

    First off let me say this before I start to blow
    In the question of if I prefer men I answer no
    But here is the reason that question made it through
    Just remember all those reasons are ones that are true... more »

  • Reasons Why: Pt.3: Hypocritical (C) 9-10-09

    In most of my lines in my poetry you may noticed what I’m called
    It’s a name I gave myself though when most read they’re awed
    It’s a feelin I feel for myself and I know my knowledge is on the rise
    But Solomon was somewhat hypocritical though among men he’s wise... more »

  • Reasons Why: Pt.4: Pledge Of Allegiance (C) 2-26-2010

    I pledge no allegiance
    Why should I, what would be my reason
    In History, America documents that all men were created equal
    So that’s why my people were treated like sheep without a shepherd... more »

  • Reasons Why: Reasons Intro (C) 3-31-09

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  • Rescue Me (C) 3-7-09

    In this world every kiss begins with Kay and every heart ends with ache
    I guess I ignored the sign and that’s where I made the big mistake
    Terrible things has happened in my life these long and harmful days
    It’s sad because I never realize at anytime I can die in so many ways... more »

  • Rumor (C) 8-14-07

    You walk into school and you have an awkward feeling your being watched
    Then people are pointing, staring, laughing, and whispering about you
    Your totally oblivious to the surrounding crowd and you continue to go by
    Then you ask whats so funny why is everyone laughing without you... more »

  • Sadness (C) 1-14-2011

    Ah…I remember this feeling…
    The feeling where the lyrics reaches my heart
    And triggers and internal discomfort
    The feelings that allows me to write again…... more »

  • Sarah (C) 7-4-08

    Long ago Sarah was 7'8 and was one of the first friends I had
    And another chapter in my book of life
    Another collage in my collection of memories
    And with her skills she'll be someones loving wife... more »

  • Seasons: Spring (C) 10-3-2010

    Dawn has broken and the sun springs forth out of the darkness
    Illuminating all who’s faces it’s shine
    The day carries possibilities and opportunities
    An endless supply of promise that visualizes in everyone’s mind... more »

  • Secret Admirer (C) 8-23-07

    I sit behind the scene hoping that you'd see me
    I walk behind you following still hoping you'd look my way
    You walk by every day not noticing me
    But just that can make me happy for the whole day... more »

  • Secret To True Beauty (C) 8-8-09

    ... more »

  • Sense Of Love (C) 2-26-2010

    1st grade teaches us of 5 senses
    Touch... more »

  • Sepia (C) 1-16-10

    Holding a Sepia picture in the hands of the one who took it
    From its beauty it's a wonder that anyone forsook it
    Symbolizing its age with the color of the burnt sepia
    Looking into the past when John was cursed with diarrhea... more »

  • Show Me The Way (C) 5-23-2010


    Absolutely beautiful, I adore her,
    My body needs her,... more »

  • Silent Whispers Of Thunder (C) 10-3-2010

    A cool breeze fills the air maintaining sanity in our bodies
    Subtle shivers trigger our master command’s receptor
    The wind accelerates its speed speakin whispers into my ear
    Subtle trembles of thunder burst around clouding my every thought... more »

  • Simply Beautiful (C) 4-25-2010

    You gotta know you’re beautiful
    If you wanna get through the goal
    No confidence is pharmaceutical
    You gotta wonder now what do you know... more »

  • So Close (C) 5-23-2010

    Was it something I said?
    Was it something I did?
    Or didn’t do,
    How was I so close but so far?... more »

  • Solar Eclipse (C) 8-5-08

    Black out no light from the sun is given off
    as the moon blocks it and the light from
    the Earth and it just can't penetrate... more »

  • Someone You Adore (C) 7-9-2012

    Where do you start after being resurrected?
    I've experienced death poetically but I've been restored to life.
    A hiatus taken involuntarily and spontaneously,
    It's hard to etch the first letter to begin my topic.... more »