• Spread Yourself! ! ! ! (C) 8-8-08

    Spread yourself: To make yourself as popular as possible
    To make your name known and build a dynasty unstoppable

    To show the world you're here and there's no point in stopping you... more »

  • Stars' Tale (C) 8-22-09

    In the night sky they sit
    Many years of watching over the Earth
    Centuries of Knowledge and existence
    With there being a celestial mouth in the sky... more »

  • Step Up (C) 1-14-10

    I can kill you off wit major succession
    Demolish all ya morals, qualities wit a single suggestion
    See I know you thought I was comin harder than an erection
    But I’m breakin bones wit black smith perfection... more »

  • Street Signs (C) 3-8-2010

    A basic ave, a simple street
    Doors on each post, the people greet
    Welcome back, see you soon
    Door mats lay, the blasting tunes... more »

  • Sweetheart! (C) 9-3-09

    Sweeter than honey unforgettable tastiest custard
    Catch up you see the heinz ward off the mustard
    Up enough courage to relish his feelins
    Bitterly skip around the old country in heels in... more »

  • Symbols: A Dysfunctional Family (C) 12-13-2010

    I never really had a problem with symbols and ideology
    I can usually analyze the context and understand its quality
    But I always remember hearin quality was more important than quantity
    And here I’ve found a family with numbers but none seems to be fond of me... more »

  • Tears (C) 5-11-09

    Where have you gone?
    The only way for me to release the shadows.
    The only way to speak my mind... more »

  • Ten Years Old (C) 5-11-2010

    Optimistic mind,
    Truly it all comes with age
    Paige could never look at time like a page from a book
    Mostly mistook, but that wouldn’t stand in her way... more »

  • That Girl

    She's the one that makes you feel like the number one man
    She's the one that gives you the strength needed to live
    She's the one and only that you can understand
    She's the one that everything you have to her you shall give... more »

  • The Art Of Kiss (C) 5-15-09

    Two lovers first kiss
    The realization that their love is real
    But there is a form,
    A way, that is to be shared.... more »

  • The 'Dragon Slayer' (Short Story) (C) 7-9-2012

    It was a peculiar day when this warrior Princess stormed through the door
    Takin down all the defense a wealthy man could afford
    She yelled, "Do you know what the wrath is like from a woman that's scorned?
    Because everyone that has faced curses the day they were born... more »

  • The End (C) 5-24-2010

    ... more »

  • The Haunting Green Gas (C) 12-8-09

    In the cold black night I ride my bike back home
    The air is empty and the dark makes me feel so alone
    4: 07 on the dot the watch whispers to me
    A little less clingy I wished her to be... more »

  • The Map Quote

    Men may map out the murder of another.
    But it’s funny the bullet never gets directions.
    R.I.P. those that received a letter from a bullet
    The Earth awaits your presence once more. ~ Xeniyah... more »

  • The Mission (C) 11-9-09

    White machines blast amazingly like storm troopers
    Mouths hangin on the floor like they was left in a stupor
    Fire freezes away death that decrees
    A fervent reason for us to dropp 90 degrees... more »

  • The One (C) 7-11-07

    The very first time that I saw your pretty eyes
    For you I became sick but it was worst than the flu
    For all the girls I thought were pretty were of no compare
    Because now I'm sickened from the love for you... more »

  • The Root Of All Evil (C) 8-22-09

    Evil’s stronghold his roots his strength and spear and shield.
    Peacefully printed no one can doubt Washington’s stand.
    Currently twisted all the way around like the bird of the northeast
    Demonically it stands imbedded inside subliminally watching Adam’s beloved... more »

  • The Sign Of Kiss (C) 9-16-09

    Together for so long
    And forever to go
    One must make a first move
    But neither knows when until... more »

  • The Storm (My Face Book Post) (C) 5-19-2010

    The rain and thunder and lightning is such a wondrous feat given to us by the almighty.
    The lightning lights up the sky like a divine show of fireworks
    With the sound of the rejoining of the air,
    While the rain sprinkles onto the ground as a symbol of grace and cleanliness...... more »

  • The Untruth (C) 10-23-07

    Thwap, crack, smack, bang, boom, scratch, and bam
    Yes I did it finally I hit a grand slam
    Only problem is is I did it in the house
    Auntie's gonna be mad I'll have to go quiet as a mouse... more »

  • Their Time (I Wrote This As A Victim) (C) 8-19-07

    There's something that I must confess
    It's a sore pain of the harsh PMS
    Now I'm laying stuck on the ground
    And I have not yet been found... more »

  • Thief (C) 5-30-2010

    You could have anything in the world,
    Anything just give me a least,
    You could have my money,
    My games,... more »

  • Through His Eyes (C) 3-26-2010

    I could only imagine
    All of the beautiful hues
    The wonderful views
    The greatest news... more »

  • Till It's Gone (C) 4-1-2010

    Never knew a day like this would come
    I always associated forever with us
    But even the day must end and night takes its place
    What will I do without you... more »

  • Time Ii Say Goodbye (Inspired By Boyz Ii Men) (C) 9-16-08

    This is a letter to tell you that I’m doin just fine but I miss you
    However it’s been 4 seasons of loneliness and I wish I could kiss you
    Yesterday I thought about you and all my troubles returned
    It was like lookin at the ribbon in the sky that started to reburn... more »