• A Night's Serenade

    Floating in a pool of memory
    Thinking about the sun
    Thinking about the moon and stars
    And all that needs to be done... more »

  • Befor He Has To Stop

    Touch the first born
    Don’t let him cry
    He believes in you
    Why don’t you do the same?... more »

  • Dream's Dust

    The autumn leaves are falling
    The wind picks them up
    Little mice scurry around a popcorn kernel
    Dancing the sunlight away... more »

  • Holes

    We walk in the dark
    Falling through holes
    Crashing in life's wake
    Falling, and falling until we brake... more »

  • In A World We Never Knew


    Sad... more »

  • In Search

    Night falls and I stumble into the nightmarish world of my hidden mind
    All I see are shadows slithering from corner to corner
    Leaving an unearthly chill in my bones
    I lift myself up off the damp floor taking a cautious step... more »

  • In The Jungle

    The rain falls from the mouth of a green snake.
    I peek around the closest patch of jungle,
    I must protect my child from ravenous mouths.
    I sense the hot sticky breath of a predator.... more »

  • Lay In Grey

    She sits atop her mesa of dark memories
    Looking over time
    Covered by butterfly tears
    She falls asleep to the sound of augmenting dreams... more »

  • Love Takes Flight

    So why do they all fly away, leaving you with your bleeding wounds?
    They all turn their head with indifference
    All the ones that vowed their undying love to you, they have all gone
    Leaving you to stand alone with your fading smile, they all go away... more »

  • My Heart Is Full

    My heart is full.
    It has drowned in the despair.
    My eyes leak what is left over of my heart’s tears.... more »

  • My Home

    I can’t say I’m not glad to leave
    I have been waiting for this moment for so long
    The only thing that has kept me subservient to
    My anger,... more »

  • Paper Faces

    I’ll hide mine if you hide yours
    These faces that we detest

    I love you but... more »

  • Running

    Running down a path of hope and despair
    Stumbling on words of hate
    Being healed by rains of love
    Running up a hill of triumph and pain... more »

  • Sonnet

    The cottage on the hillside maybe mine
    If only my heart were to speak its name
    Shall I sit on a sandy shoreline and dine?
    On the shinning sunrise and feel no shame... more »

  • What I'M Looking For

    17 years
    83 to go
    Searching done by a child
    Found, maybe by the old woman... more »