• Dosent

    ... more »

  • Fake It

    I’m crying my eyes out,
    My voice is cracking as I lay in the dark
    Thinking back on things I love and lost
    On people I loved and now I never talk to... more »

  • Let Us Rejoice

    Bring it in closer,
    Breath out the sorrow,
    Inhale the joy
    Let us rejoice... more »

  • Running On Empty

    When you think about the darkness
    The black holes in space
    Where all things go away
    When every thing you thought was real... more »

  • Talking With Myself

    Childhood dreams left away, but the trees they stay the same.
    Walking all around my neighborhood but its all changed.
    Old memories haunt me,
    Burn me,... more »

  • The Orange

    Bring it back
    I want her so bad
    I want to touch her
    I want to feel her... more »