• A Boy's Just A Boy

    A boy's just a boy
    Till he's the one brings you joy
    A kiss is just a kiss
    Until it's just pure bliss... more »

  • A Whole New View

    just like a broken record, you say all the same things
    and for some reason around you, I feel like a bird with broken wings
    I can’t get away, no matter how hard I try
    what do you want me to do, come running back and cry?... more »

  • All About Him...

    he’s ten times better than my last, so sweet and oh so kind
    he may not be yet, but I really want him to be mine
    his smile and his laugh, the way he teases me
    he’s everything I want, and everything I need.... more »

  • Always On My Mind (Song Lyrics)

    I keep seeing you everywhere I go,
    and I don't want to, but I don't know
    how to get you off my mind,
    I try but it's not workin' / baby I keep seein' you / don't know what to do... more »

  • Another Girl

    I was sitting on the bus
    The other day
    Looking for you,
    Hoping you weren't going to be late... more »

  • Back-Up Girl

    don't look at me and act like i'm not there
    don't try to make silly jokes about my hair
    i'm not a toy, you can't play games with me
    you made your choice now leave me alone... more »

  • Before We Ever Said Goodbye

    before we ever said goodbye
    I never dreamt you'd make me cry
    I thought that we were meant to be
    I guess you really had fooled me... more »

  • Brown Eyes Meet Blue

    beautiful brown eyes meet beautiful blue
    its amazing just how i feel around you
    just two friends going swimming in my pool
    i've gotta act so much, try to be so cool... more »

  • Don'T Try To Stop Me

    don't try to stop me
    don't try to tell me you love me baby
    and don't try to catch my eye as I'm walkin by
    I'm not that stupid I see ya boy... more »

  • Everything You'Ll Never Be

    i've always thought that, i needed someone
    to spend my time with, to make me happy
    i always wanted a boyfriend, someone to love and hold
    now i've got exactly that and, i'm not happy... more »

  • Holding On To Memories Of You

    i know, it's gonna take some time for you to see
    i had to do, whats best for me i know its not for you
    and i, hate to be so selfish but i've gotta be this once
    cause i can't go on like this,... more »

  • How You Make Me Feel

    You look at me
    And I swear
    You drive me crazy
    When I see you standing there... more »

  • I Remember

    I remember it so clear
    Just like it was yesterday
    But you're still not here
    And I can't forget that today... more »

  • I Zone Out

    bored out of my mind,
    head in the clouds,
    as much as i should
    i don't wanna come down... more »

  • In The Backseat Of His Car

    In the backseat of his car
    He held her hand and held her heart
    She looked at him, and knew that look
    He kissed her neck, and her whole body shook... more »

  • It's There

    dark room, dance floor
    there's nothin i've ever wanted more
    i see you lookin at me, it's so obvious
    what's stopping us?... more »

  • Just Friends

    it's amazing, how somebody's
    always tellin, me that i should
    take you back, why do they care
    it's none of their, business they oughtta... more »

  • Oh, Boy

    I thought I would be able
    To go without you
    I go every weekend all alone,
    But today I'm feeling something new... more »

  • Something I Had To Say

    if I never told you anything
    just walked away and left you babe
    would you still be as mad at me
    as you are now... more »

  • The Consequences

    She stands outside, it's just a store
    She's walked through the door at least a hundred times before
    She puts on her hood so no one can see her face
    She can't believe she's even in this place... more »

  • The Girl With A Broken Heart

    she used to wear her heart out on her sleeve
    now she has learned to just be a tease
    she lets no one close, nobody gets in,
    and it’s in that case, that nobody wins... more »

  • To Say Goodbye

    She looked at the floor,
    then looked back up, a tear running down her cheek
    She wanted to say something,
    to say I Love You before it was too late... more »