• Appreciate Time

    In only but a second life can change
    An unexpected death in just a milleseconds range
    A great dream can come true
    Someones heart can turn sadly blue... more »

  • I'M A Butterfly

    Been kept caught in a cucoon
    Shut in a world of dark
    Although one day soon
    You'll be but a distant bark... more »

  • Love Never Gives Up

    Love is an acid that slithers down the back of your throat & disintergrates every good flesh into a nothingness of gases
    A melody, a jam, a beat, a rythm, a clash of instruments and Cupids harp heard by the long awaiting mases
    Who would'de guessed it's in rohypnol that angelic son of b**ch dips his pretty little darts
    Such a blind sighted trickster, a femme fatal, a dog, a ladies man all robbing peoples tender hearts... more »

  • Politically Not Correct

    Don't we just love saying lifes so hard?
    But tell me what is it thats left you so scared
    That even death's stopped over for a cup-a-tea
    Hey, I'm not saying any part of life is easy... more »

  • Process Called Change

    Hey y'all remember this old face? Oh yes I'm shakng up this place...
    Fatten-up & super-sized my purse, I'm about to release a whole new curse
    Checking my new flashy hairstyle, you'll be begging, pleading in a lil while
    Got a superior sence of taste, why would I let such potential go to waste... more »

  • What Are You Teaching Truth Or Propaganda?

    Smoke clouding the sanity
    Sounds twisting the morality
    Of the hopeful minds
    Of the altering youth... more »