• Facts From The Heart

    A relationship is something to follow
    Not somewhere you can wallow
    In your self-pity and sorrow
    Something at times can be scary... more »

  • Falling

    When those big eyes look at me
    I wonder if they can see
    Everything inside of me
    That's just been waiting to be free... more »

  • Fear

    ... more »

  • First Meeting

    It is truly a wonderous thing
    To be a poet
    To be able to bend words
    In ways which thy heart yearns... more »

  • For Me

    Someone out there
    Just for me
    Someone who wants only me
    Someone who loves only me... more »

  • For My One And Only

    A moment we can spend together
    Is a memory to hold forever
    A day spent with you
    Is the best I have to do... more »

  • Forget You

    When the dawn breaks
    And you are there
    The moment I close my eyes
    I will be thankful... more »

  • Frozen

    Autumn leaves are falling now
    All the leaves are falling down
    The cold comes in through the trees
    And settles in its home of me... more »

  • Go Away

    I know there's something out there
    Something that makes life not fair cuz
    You never seemed to care
    And I know I need something out there... more »

  • Goodbyes Are An Ectasy

    I don't understand you
    I never have and never will
    Why do you do this
    You can't tell me this still... more »

  • Goodnight

    It's goodbye, not goodnight
    And for the first time in my life
    It's true
    It's not see ya; it's I'm gonna leave ya... more »

  • Guardian

    Beauty is in the hand by which my lover writes;
    it is the way by which his eyes convey his might.
    It is the grace of how he articulates his speech;
    it is measured by the sure depths his heart can reach.... more »

  • Guilt

    I feel guilty to be white
    Cuz of every big fight
    I feel guilty to be white
    Cuz of every black who's cried themselves to sleep at night... more »

  • Hard To Breathe

    It's hard to breathe
    When next to you's all I wanna be
    It's hard to see
    When you're all I wanna see... more »

  • He

    ... more »

  • Here With Me

    You are everything I am and everything I'm not
    You're in my word and You're in my thought
    You tell me to hold on when even my hope is gone
    I know that this here love... more »

  • Him

    I wonder if he knows
    I wonder if it shows
    That he's everything to me
    Everything I need... more »

  • Hollowed Ice

    My flesh is warm
    but that does nothing for my cold heart
    Which beats out-of-step
    and is not up to par... more »

  • How Much

    I don't know if I know this
    This wonderful feeling of bliss
    All I know is his sweet kiss
    Can make me never forget him... more »

  • I Believe In You, There Is Me

    I believe in you
    There is me
    I believe in your laugh
    There is my happiness... more »

  • I Do Say Yes

    I didn't know it
    I couldn't show it
    But somewhere inside I knew
    And I know you did too... more »

  • I Don'T Have To Choose, I Already Did

    Why? ! I scream out
    Do you haunt me?
    I know you're still here... more »

  • I Don'T Know

    ... more »

  • I Long

    I long to be like the bird
    Who can fly very far away
    Who can fly away from this horrid day... more »

  • I Love You Under Conditions

    I love you
    When no one else is near
    I love you
    When you're not here... more »