• I Miss You

    I miss you
    Everytime you leave
    I miss you
    Everything you can't see... more »

  • I Want You

    I want you to be
    The one waking up next to me
    I want you to be
    The only thing I can see... more »

  • I Will (I Promise)

    I'll make the distance
    I'll find the strength
    I'll crawl if I have to
    Cuz there's no one like you... more »

  • If Death Take Me Home

    If I go
    If I die
    What'll happen
    Will you cry... more »

  • If I Had Clutched On Tight

    If I had clutched on tight
    Maybe everything would've been right
    Now I can't recognize what we were
    Or are, I'm so unsure... more »

  • If I Keep Pretending, I'Ll Become An Actor

    In arms I thought were sacred
    Where the sweet nothings reached my ear
    If there was nothing behind it all
    That's all I had to fear... more »

  • If You'Re Not Hurting Then I'M Dating A Robot Who Can'T Love Me Now Can You

    What can I do
    Nothing to seems to work on you
    What can I do
    I'm so in love with you... more »

  • I'M Glad I Have My Life

    In silence and in strife
    I'm glad I have my life
    In sorrow and in death
    I know that I am blessed... more »

  • In Love With Me

    I hope you fall outta love with me
    I hope you forget all about me
    I hope you're not hurting inside
    I hope everything turns out right... more »

  • In That Moment

    A kiss so small
    I barely felt it at first
    As he touched my cheek
    And then it dispersed... more »

  • In Your Arms

    I want to be right there
    The place I was told never to dare
    Oh I just wanna be
    If I could find the way... more »

  • Inner Death

    ... more »

  • Is This Fair

    I love you, I hate you
    When will you understand
    I hold you, I leave you
    Did you even care... more »

  • It Can Never Be

    If there was you
    There was you
    And then there was me
    There was me... more »

  • Kay

    My wonderful friend
    Loyal and true
    The world to me
    Means the world to you... more »

  • Keep Me

    Believe in me
    And you will never have to see
    The pain locked up inside of thee
    I will show... more »

  • Kindle Dark Hours

    Burning crushes from inside
    I yearn to destroy
    But these rageful actions
    I cannot employ.... more »

  • Leave

    Far from these hateful eyes
    No more phoney disguise
    Land where they rule no more
    No more being unsure... more »

  • Let Me Stay

    It's insidee
    I can feel
    It is love
    It is real... more »

  • Life

    Life is but a passing time
    Of love, of pain, of sin
    It hurts, it cares, it scares
    But yet it is the greatest thing... more »

  • Like Them

    I try to be happy for them
    When inside I am not
    I think I'm just jealous
    Cuz they're what I am not... more »

  • Little Ray Of Light

    Under moon, with night beyond
    Under star, with piercing cold
    There lies a thought of which I'm fond
    Of warmth that's kind and bold... more »

  • Lost In Time

    Moments in time fractured
    By your sweet face
    You evaporate before my eyes
    I can't expect anything from you... more »

  • Mi Vida

    Some people leave an impression
    or stick in our mind,
    yeaars after you've known them.
    There is some I feel... more »

  • Midnight Blizzard

    This is my place of snow
    This is where i have grown so cold
    Pale, alone and afraid
    For this is the creation that you have made... more »