• Re-Birth

    There's so much I should say
    To express how I feel
    But words are sticky, hanging here now
    Been so long, I didn't know if I could keep waiting... more »

  • Rememberance

    I was starign around
    following the waitresses
    dressed in red and black,
    that could care less... more »

  • Reprise

    Faith brought about an Order
    Unrespected by the Tormentee
    Victims soon-to-be watched
    Fate worse than death from 'dear mommy'... more »

  • Said Goodbye

    I wonder if you know
    I'm happy without you here
    If you can see it
    If you can feel it... more »

  • Save You From Yourself

    The season's changing
    New air is taking
    Hearts are breaking
    And things are fading... more »

  • She Comes!

    Happy, so happy am I!
    The grey is now blue sky
    My best friend returns
    From her faraway journs'... more »

  • Sick Of You

    I'm sick of the lies
    The false compromise
    I don't wanna grow old
    Don't wanna stay home... more »

  • Sleep Tight

    When I hug my pillow at night
    I sigh and wish it was you I was hugging tight
    When I awake from sleep
    I wish it was you waking next to me... more »

  • Someone

    Someone who sees me for me
    Someone who holds my heart's key
    Someone who truly cares
    Someone who is kind and fair... more »

  • Sorrow

    In the hands of sorrow
    They kept us close
    In the hands of sorrow
    We were forced to face our foes... more »

  • Stitch Together My Heart Then Rip Out All The Staples And Go Sell Them On Ebay

    If I say I love you
    Will you take my heart?
    If I say I care
    Will you rip me apart?... more »

  • Stories

    We write a story
    Etched in blood
    Cut out in stone
    Pain in a flood... more »

  • Te Amo (I Love You)

    They came in fragments
    at first, the memories
    that I shared with you.
    Of different nights and days,... more »

  • Tears

    Holding my sadness
    Holding my happiness
    Holding my lonliness... more »

  • Tell Me

    One time I tried to be bold
    I told you I love you
    But that didn't seem to help
    You said you hated me... more »

  • The Dream

    A dream of you
    A dream of just us two
    A dream of love
    A dream that is as pure as a dove... more »

  • The Earth And Sky, Moon And Sun

    The Earth and sky
    Could not recognize
    The feeling that aroused
    The Sun and Moon... more »

  • The End And The Begining

    If there was ever a doubt in my mind
    You've cleared it up, that I can find
    So darling tell me
    What compels me... more »

  • The End Of My New Beginning

    This was my new start
    This was my hope
    This was my love
    And now it's my rope... more »

  • The End Of Some

    If it all ends
    Where will I go?
    If it all ends
    What will unfold?... more »

  • The Lie

    You ran away
    But never came back
    Where are you now
    Why aren't you back... more »

  • The One Before

    I'm starting to think
    Of someone I knew
    Been lost for awhile
    But he is so true... more »

  • This Is The End

    Is this the place?
    I can feel the warmth flaring
    I can feel the peace upon my face
    I can feel the warmth searing;... more »

  • This Lie

    You hate how everyone can see
    what you cannot
    And you hate the fact that
    you have this thought... more »

  • To Carry You

    What would I have to do
    To proclaim my love for you
    To make everything, whole again
    To write the words to mend... more »