• To Keep You Alive

    And if I could of kept him alive
    I would've done so, not in disguise
    But it's the purpose of our lives
    To judge and not relive... more »

  • To Live

    To sigh is to moan
    To cry and then die
    If you wish to live
    Without care, without sin... more »

  • To Want What We Cannot Have

    The kiss upon my cheek
    It's what we all seek
    A hand to hold in mine
    Someone to say it's fine... more »

  • Together

    His head laid up against mine
    Our hearts beating, keeping perfect time
    He breathed in, I breathed out
    Nothing else seemed cared about... more »

  • Tonight

    Oh it can't be the night
    When it all falls apart
    When you break my heart... more »

  • Trapped

    If I block it out
    I can just love you
    Why are emotions tainted anyway?
    The birds and the mammals... more »

  • Us

    I love him
    He loves me
    This is so plain
    To see... more »

  • Us And Me

    You loved me
    But you just didn't know how to say it
    Without your rings, without your diamonds
    [Even fell for flowers]... more »

  • Way Too Deep With You

    It's a wierd spell
    That you've got over me
    I can't explain it
    What's taken over me... more »

  • We

    We're worse off now that we're apart
    I know this deep down in my heart
    When we were together
    At least we smiled... more »

  • What Am I To Do?

    How can I make amends?
    What words do I have to send?
    What display do I have to do
    to show you how much I need you?... more »

  • What If It All Ended

    If the world died tommorrow
    What would you say?
    If the world died tommorrow
    Would you be the same way?... more »

  • What Is This Feeling?

    This is something I'm not familiar with
    Something I've never seen
    What is this feeling
    And what does it mean... more »

  • When I'M With You

    When I'm staring at you
    It's like everything else fades away
    I know exactly what I wanna say
    I hold my breathe... more »

  • When You Leave

    When you leave
    And I am all depressed
    Then you come back
    And it's like you never left... more »

  • Whispered Promise

    ... more »

  • Will I

    What am I supposed to do
    When I remember me and you
    And everything we said
    The feelings I thought had left my heart... more »

  • Winter

    I know the winter is cold
    It brings out your fears
    All throughout the years
    I know the winter is cold... more »

  • You

    You've touched me
    In so many ways
    If I could list them all
    I'd give you the names... more »

  • You And I

    You and I
    We are nothing
    We are something
    We are one and we are... more »

  • You And Me

    You deserve
    Everything in the world
    I'd hurt
    Just to give you it all... more »

  • You Said

    You said you loved me
    Did you mean it
    You said you cared for me
    Can I believe it... more »

  • You Will Be The Death Of Me

    I know it deep in my heart
    A feeling I don't fully understand
    I've come to realize
    That I will die by my lover's hand... more »

  • Your Melody

    I will never let you fall
    You're all I have to lose, and you're my all
    To let go is to die
    And to forget, I would cry... more »

  • Your Resting Place

    My heart can't take anymore
    It's crying on the floor
    But for your love I hold still
    So my heart won't break no more... more »