bwahahaha.. uhhh..well, I'm thirteen as of Febuary seventeeth. I can be cool if I want to be, but I can also be snippety if need be. First impressions are everything...for some queer reason. If you're a jerk from the start, i consider you an jerk til the end. Unless, of course, you prove me otherwise. Worship doesn't pass...cos i just don't like all..Also, I don't like being treated differently than others for what I have..or don't have. It kind of annoys me when people, if you're with me try not to be an suck-up.

Uhm, my best friends hafta be Cassidy, Alyssa, sarah, and Tak[hardcore]uto because they're just pretty fuggin' rad kids...: D

I have on dog..... kasie. and I live in a semi-rich neighboorhood in clarkston, Michigan. It's pretty cool, I guess.

mm. if im not at my house then just call my cell.: o


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He Rushed Upon

He rushed upon

I go to the cabinet for that lethal pill,
Knowing that this one will help or kill... more »

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