• Black

    Alone to the world
    Quiet, unknown.
    Passed by is the one
    who sings a glorious hallelujah to the heavens.... more »

  • Forgotten

    my life ended fifteen years ago
    the day I was born, an accident
    Nobody wanted me
    I died that day... more »

  • Infinity

    You, are why I'll never love again
    They, will hurt me till the end
    We, will forever be hated
    I, have hurt so many... more »

  • Lenore

    Lenore cried again tonight
    her slumber again cut short
    she awoke her face alight
    her plans she did abort... more »

  • Lies

    Every time you look at me
    I feel as if I'm dieing
    You never paid any attention to me
    You told her that you loved her... more »

  • Lullaby

    All these things I do
    for you
    All these words I write
    For you... more »

  • My Isolation

    Separation is setting into,
    My thoughts and my perception
    Can It be you have left me here,
    All alone and helpless?... more »

  • Outspoken

    Left out in the open
    Hoping, hurt dies hard
    But left awake and crying... more »

  • Scream-(Please)

    So you thought that you could hurt me and get away with it?
    Well you were wrong, better close your eyes because
    Blood can be irritating
    On the other hand, just leave them open.... more »

  • Someday

    Someday, I'll listen
    Tomorrow, I'll cry
    Today, you'll leave me
    Now, I'll die... more »

  • Sorry

    If I can rise above the pain of my past
    Than I can be with you but maybe I cant
    I try so very hard but I keep falling
    I'm beginning to like the fact that you use me and abuse me.... more »

  • The Rose

    So beautiful
    But I let my guard down and got hurt
    Dug into my skin is the pain
    Brought on by my foolishness... more »

  • Till Death Do Us Part?

    till death? how soon can that come?
    must i wait forever?
    i think that i've waited enough
    why wont you just dissapear from my agonizing mind?... more »

  • Wishing

    When I'm alongside you, in reality
    Or even in a dream
    I feel complete you love me inside and out
    And even though sometimes I don't seem to return that emotion, I really do from the bottom of my heart.... more »