my parents are divorced i live a double life one is a sad gurl who plans to go goth on my 15th birthday and the other one is a gurl who is confused on the inside and looks happy on the outside my birthday is 6-7-92 and i only got 2 gifts this year so im basically a sad confused gurl who has no idea what life is


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Boys, Boys, Boys

i like some boys
but not all boys
some boys are cool
while some boys are jerks... more »

Lies Out The Ying-Yang

I am sick and tired of these people
all they do is lie to my face
I can't stand it
They think its alright to tell my secrets... more »


As I lay me down on concrete,
so begins the manipulation.
Feet are wiped on my clothes,
My belongings, stolen and destroyed,... more »

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Joanna Aguilar 06 Feb 2007 03:26
I really love your poem you should do a lot of more poems about love and friendship if you want to call me some time you may nedd help or something like you don't have anyone to talk to my phone number is 2397897385 you can call me whenever you want my name is joanna aguilar by! ! !