• Boys, Boys, Boys

    i like some boys
    but not all boys
    some boys are cool
    while some boys are jerks... more »

  • I Have Feelings To

    I may say i hate my life
    But that doesnt mean its true
    People at school start spreading rumors about me
    Because they think that i dont have feelings... more »

  • I Wanna Be Me And Free

    Mom, dad can't u see
    Im soon 14
    Isn't it time that i can be me
    I know im a teen... more »

  • Lies Out The Ying-Yang

    I am sick and tired of these people
    all they do is lie to my face
    I can't stand it
    They think its alright to tell my secrets... more »

  • Life Sux

    My life sux
    You might say it dont
    But im the only one living my life
    I have a dad who doesnt care about me... more »

  • Most Important Things To Me

    The things in life have some meaning to me
    but apparantly people cant see
    I do have feelings
    that some people cant handle the dealings... more »

  • Rage

    As I lay me down on concrete,
    so begins the manipulation.
    Feet are wiped on my clothes,
    My belongings, stolen and destroyed,... more »

  • The One For Me

    I am in love can't u see
    I have found the one for me
    I love him with all my heart
    I knew this from the start... more »