Courtney K Whitmore Comments (1)

Hi Courtney. I think you have the potential to be a good poet. You have a nice eye for things. Now I hope you won't be offended by this, but I think your poems are a little flat. They might be more alive if they contained some really original imagery, maybe contained some irony or doubts or questions or conflicting feelings or something that gave them some more energy and made readers perk up a little more. You can dismiss what I'm saying because I'm not an expert. I just love poetry and read quite a bit of it. If your read some established poets and let them influence you, it can't do anything but help. There are lots of good ones to choose among. Maybe just start going down that Top 500 poets list or the Top 500 poems list. Anyway, I enjoy your poems and you show a lot of potential. Keep writing. Regards, PH