• Arguing

    'Twas another meandering-inane-debate that I wished not to participate in.
    But my inimitable enthusiasm trumped my judgment, and I found myself again arguing.... more »

  • Cause And Effect

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  • Celebrity Schmuck

    The scene before my eyes, would have interested a Hollywood blogger.
    ‘Twas some celebrity schmuck, who needed to remain sober.
    The paparazzi weren’t interested, oh why did she bother!
    Her star was daily fading, her career was nearly over!... more »

  • Figure

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  • Financial Situation

    My aunt's aunt's son is beseeching me to be the benefactor of his education.
    My father's cousin's cousin has an ailment that needs my financial attention.
    The Board of Governors at my niece's school is requesting from me another donation;
    They said that if I give them more alms, the heavens would forever flood me with compensation.... more »

  • Gaia Is Rapidly Withering

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  • I Apologize

    I apologize for putting self-aggrandizement ahead of you.
    I apologize for not flooding you with praise, when praise was due.
    I apologize for uttering every word I said to you that was not true.
    I apologize for giving my love to a woman who was not you.... more »

  • Mystery In A Veil

    On that morning, I had many impending deadlines.
    I browsed through the papers, looking for solutions in the headlines.
    But I found none; just ill jokes–with very few punch-lines.
    I skimmed through my pitch-books; they always provided me with infinite lifelines.... more »

  • Propaganda Mill

    They built an elaborate propaganda-mill to churn out warped versions of sacred truths.
    They told us that they were emissaries of the father of love who lives above.
    They filled our heads with a detritus of dogmas that made us servile.
    They banished the children to mental prisons, and shackled the adults with false wisdom.... more »

  • Sequestered Bohemian Village

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  • The Immigrants...

    When the job market is tough and you can’t find employment; you blame it on the immigrants.
    When love doesn’t love you and no-one wants to date you; 'it’s because of the immigrants'.
    When you wonder why you are dumb, sick, and broke; you link the cause to immigrants.
    All your miseries, misfortunes, misdeeds and mistimings; you attribute them to immigrants.... more »

  • The Morn' Before Christmas (Part 1)

    'Twas the morn’ before Christmas; just after dawn.
    Watching Bush on my Plasma-screen; I felt I needed to yawn.
    I peered out of my window; to admire my artificial English lawn.
    Before I could do anything; I was interrupted by my stupid cursed phone!... more »

  • Then What Today Would Be?

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  • They Heard An Ill-Defined Sound

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  • Through Heaven's Appointment

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