Oldest of three sons. My mother, a house wife, arrived to this country from Puerto Rico at age 15, and my father, was a NYC Police Officer originally from Queens, NY.
I was basically raised most of my teenager life out in Long Island NY, then at age 18 decided to join United States Navy. Although my intentions were never to make it a career I'm glad I did. There I acquired most of my material and inspiration to write. I've since retired after 20 years this past May 07 and living life to the fullest.


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Love Is In The Air

The mood is set, Luther is blowing and my mind is flowing. There's a picture in my mind the moment of indulgability. Your curvaceous silhouette is cast from the candle onto the ceiling. My manhood has increased 20 fold while I mentally make my order off the menu. I fetch some cold wine to tantalize the buds and prime the generator for this evening event.
I compliment you again on your tasteful ensemble you wore this evening. Keep it together we're almost there! Make her laugh a little, brings us to a place of comfort.
Now let's relocate to the couch, I take off her shoes and tenderize her feet, as I watch her head fall back limp. She begins to vibe in her mind to a groove that puts her in mood, and puuuuurrrring like a kitten.
Finally, my order is ready to be served. Steadily I begin kissing while peeling her clothes off one by one like Christmas day, with the enthusiasm only a hungry man can display. It consist of soft lips, earlobes, neck, wrist, breast and fingertips.... more »


The sound of the crashing of the water’s crest against the beaches rocks. The beginning of first light across the horizon. A dull then an increasing brighter orange shimmers across the span of sea.

Then the sun peeks it’s face little by little. It envelopes the earth with a radiant spectacular yellow glow. Every day it visits the sea and everyday the sea welcomes her. Some of us will see it rise and fall, others will not.... more »

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