• A Woman's Scorn

    Could it happen in America? Many experts underestimated her.
    The anchormen and women on broadcast stations across America described the aftermath of Katrina like a 3rd world country.
    She grew to a Category IV with 175 mph howling winds and 25 ft waves, extending her arms over 300 miles covering the Gulf Coast.
    The cities lay in ruins. Biloxi, Mobile, New Orleans.... more »

  • Addiction

    Crying out for help, to no avail.
    The torment lies within the guilt, the shame too much to bear. Never believed that this can happen to me.. Not me! I’m a counselor without a PHD. I’m the one person that people come to for advice. I’m supposed to have my shit together!
    Got to keep the secret going though, can’t blow my cover.
    There’s another person, no one knows living here. Taking on it’s own identity, but it can’t have my name. In the darkness, in secrecy, it likes to immerge during the low points in my life, to help with the pain, confusion, frustration, and anger.... more »

  • Color

    ... more »

  • Distant Lovers

    No body of sea or mass of land can keep me from you. Sunrise and sunset begins and ends with you on my mind, praying for the day that we will be together once more.
    I wonder if you daydream as I do of all the happy moments we shared. It's like a picture in our mind's eye encapsulated from time.
    Many have tried to describe love and I am no expert on the matter, but I know my heart goes pitter patter. When I see you or mention your name.
    Now I know it takes two to make this work and the distance between us got us hurt. But I can promise as sure as the sun will rise in the morning I'll stand by your side till the end of time, and come running when I hear you calling.... more »

  • Job For Hire

    Mister.. Mister.. can I get a job? Let me tell you there’s no shame in my game. This is America, the land of the free and the brave, where capitalism reigns. So why I’m I broke?
    Look mister.. I’ll wash your car, walk your dog, cut your yard, just give a brotha a chance to get some of those dead presidents you got. I’ve served our country honorably and you told everyone how proud you were of me, so here’s your chance to show it, quick don’t miss the opportunity. I might change my mind. Wait where are you going? Ok.. Ok.. but let’s not use that word patriotism so loosely then.
    I’m back…What do you mean your not hiring, today? Just out of curiosity, if you knew I needed a visa would you use me then? Don’t play games I know how it works.. I might not have your fancy car or house or clothes but don’t think I don’t know who backs you stood on to get where you are.
    What is this? I’m not applying for a charity position so you can stop being so tight. I know you’re conducting a business but I got to eat too.... more »

  • Let The Rhythm Hit'Em

    Music that keeps you moving and grooving.
    Its mind blowing, relaxing and spiritual… pick your medicine.
    The thunderous base-line runs through the spine and becomes synchronized with my heart beat. Sharp chords make the hairs on my arm stand up. My feet can’t help but follow along with the steady pulse of the drum’s beat. Going.. going.. gone, to another stratosphere, Baby!
    I’m having an out of body experience!... more »

  • Life

    The sound of the crashing of the water’s crest against the beaches rocks. The beginning of first light across the horizon. A dull then an increasing brighter orange shimmers across the span of sea.

    Then the sun peeks it’s face little by little. It envelopes the earth with a radiant spectacular yellow glow. Every day it visits the sea and everyday the sea welcomes her. Some of us will see it rise and fall, others will not.... more »

  • Love Is In The Air

    The mood is set, Luther is blowing and my mind is flowing. There's a picture in my mind the moment of indulgability. Your curvaceous silhouette is cast from the candle onto the ceiling. My manhood has increased 20 fold while I mentally make my order off the menu. I fetch some cold wine to tantalize the buds and prime the generator for this evening event.
    I compliment you again on your tasteful ensemble you wore this evening. Keep it together we're almost there! Make her laugh a little, brings us to a place of comfort.
    Now let's relocate to the couch, I take off her shoes and tenderize her feet, as I watch her head fall back limp. She begins to vibe in her mind to a groove that puts her in mood, and puuuuurrrring like a kitten.
    Finally, my order is ready to be served. Steadily I begin kissing while peeling her clothes off one by one like Christmas day, with the enthusiasm only a hungry man can display. It consist of soft lips, earlobes, neck, wrist, breast and fingertips.... more »

  • Memories

    We classify them as short and long, but always coming and going. Vague are some but clear are those that we cheerish for when we need it the most.

    The dark ones we rather forget. Sticking like thorns in the skull, they are vivid, relentless and haunting.... more »

  • Navy Blue

    Am I patriotic, protecting who rights? Your and mine rights, of course. Or could it be a way of establishing ones independence from the overly protective parents? Or perhaps the hustle and bustle of the work force was too much?
    Whatever the reason we decided to join the Red, White and Blue, we all in it together …brethren to the end, no matter what race, gender or religion. So how does one get people from all walks of life working in one accord?
    Let’s start off by cutting that hair they worked all morning to comb, so they can all look alike. Place them in environment characteristic of the Penn. Oh … no wait, there’s no room for individualism and self expression or even privacy for that matter. Surprise, you just inherited two new parents,40 siblings, one bedroom with 25 bunk beds, a huge bathroom with eight showers, 12 toilets and a partridge in a pear tree. They cleverly programmed you to the concept of “One team, one fight”, and the idea that, “One fails we all fail”. Your survival depends on the company’s weakest link.
    Did I make a mistake? I feel like a POW and haven’t seen day one of war. This experience becomes an ordeal that will not soon be forgotten.... more »

  • New Beginning

    What does your crystal ball say?
    Look deep, what are my odds?
    Gazing in the future with virgin eyes, I can’t help but wonder what my chances are.
    Well you know what they say “you only live once”, right?... more »

  • Our Mother

    She lives, breaths and speaks. I dream a land filled with exotic flowers living together displaying a spectacular prism of colors; purples, reds, orange and yellows, all are welcome no matter what color there's plenty soil to go around.
    Birds stretch their wings for their morning flight and as if it’s their job to wake the rest of nature’s creatures up with a song of their own.
    Majestic white capped mountains stretch into cloud city congregating, each with a story to tell.... more »

  • Time Out

    ... more »

  • Welcome To Jamaica

    How I adore Jamaica, in all her beauty.

    Vibrant colors of clothes displays her passion for life, a slight accent from her native tongue adds to her exotic style.... more »