• A Lost Soul

    When you wander around looking for that thing that's missing
    It's your soul that's missing

    That heartbeat, feeling of retreating... more »

  • A Nowhere Place

    Ever been in a place
    Stuck in a race
    Consuming, never presuming, and love it is
    An all-encompassing thing... more »

  • Affection

    My lifeblood
    Without it, like a flower without water
    Like a rose without smell
    Like the sky without stars... more »

  • Cold Winters Day

    Walking down the road on a cold winters day
    Singing all of the way, not carrying a load
    Walking toward my abode, stride by stride
    Shoulders back, standing strong and so glad that I’m not wrong... more »

  • Daddy's Gone

    Wake up, Daddy, wake up
    Why do you sleep, Daddy?
    You lie there so still
    Come back, come back, Daddy... more »

  • Dawn Of A New Day

    I woke up this morning
    No longer yawning, with direction
    A light has come on
    I now feel I want to fight on... more »

  • Death Of My Father

    The day Dad died, I cried
    I cried for me, for my loss
    For I would never see him again alive... more »

  • Father And Daughter

    The bond, the love, the connection
    When she looks at you, you melt
    When she holds your hand, you melt
    When she cuddles you, you melt... more »

  • Freedom

    I have a feeling, a feeling of joy
    I've grown into a man, no longer a boy

    My life has really changed... more »

  • Goodbye Daddy

    He closed his eyes and drifted away
    I knew then all I could do was pray

    Goodbye daddy goodbye... more »

  • Goodbye Geoff

    Geoff Blakeney
    I wonder what hes been up to lately

    Departing he is, missed he will be... more »

  • I'M Just Glad

    Another year goes by
    Another year on a high
    For every year I get older, I feel blessed... more »

  • Pure Emotions

    The feelings of emotion deep from within my soul
    Pouring out of me like a liquid potion
    As I sit here wondering what will be my new notion
    Streaming thoughts flowing around in my head... more »

  • Rising Dreams

    As the sun rises, so do our dreams
    Our dreams of all the nice things
    Our dreams of all the right things... more »

  • Singing Heart

    Heart singing, almost stinging
    With the sound of music
    My heart is free, free to express
    Free to love, free to share with the one I love... more »

  • Souls Walking By

    So many souls, so many holes
    People walking, talking, all watching others... more »

  • Stepping Out

    I stepped back out today
    Back into my world

    I felt that I had hidden myself away... more »

  • Take Me Away!

    The longing to have someone
    To take me away
    Far, far away, take me to a place
    I haven't been, to a country I haven't seen... more »

  • Taking A Stand

    When you see things clearly you understand, you must sometimes make a stand
    When things around you change you realize you must rearrange
    Why do others find this strange?... more »

  • The Amazing Power Of Humanity

    People here, people there
    People using their power everywhere

    Humanity toward others... more »

  • The Businessman

    Spick-and-span, clean shaven
    Living in their own haven

    Dressed so proper, looking like a copper... more »

  • The Canadian Flag

    Red and white with a single maple leaf in the centre
    It blows in the breeze
    Strong and free, it represents people with so much diversity... more »

  • The Flight Of The Pelican

    As the wings of the beautiful pelican spread
    As the pelican lifts his head
    As the pelican takes flight, I remember his plight... more »

  • Volcano Of Passion

    As the passion builds inside, my heart beats faster
    My mouth goes dry
    My hands become clammy
    My eyes widen in anticipation... more »

  • You Walked Away!

    The day you walked away
    I watched you leave
    Begging you to stay
    Instead, you left me to grieve... more »