• Alone

    Here I stand,
    Alone again,
    To wait,
    For you,... more »

  • Boats

    The boat will sway,
    the boat will rock,
    for life is this boat,
    and life will move any way it pleases.... more »

  • Deep Within

    Your silence cuts me,
    it cuts me deeper than any words could
    My heart burns with desire, but no direction... more »

  • Life Of A Shadow

    Hark at the wind,
    and hark once again,
    I search for comfort,
    it cuts me.... more »

  • Looking At Time

    I look at tomorrow,
    I cannot see it,
    I look at yesterday,
    it is a blur,... more »

  • Seek The Light

    Follow the path,
    Seek the light,
    Until the end.... more »

  • Symplicity

    Sing like no one's listening,
    Act like nobody's here,
    Smile like all is good,
    Love like we are alone,... more »

  • The Eagle's Eyes

    ... more »

  • The Monster

    There is a monster who dwells within me,
    In the lowest, dankest, deepest part of my heart,
    He will take any opportunity to destroy what I love,
    Is there any way to defeat him,... more »

  • The Road

    My life, lies at my feet
    All has changed in front of me
    I cannot go back
    Though I desperately try... more »

  • The Road Carries On (The Road Part 2)

    My road continues on
    My path grew lighter
    There is no end in sight
    For that i am glad... more »

  • The Snow

    Its snowing again,
    but the sun shines outside,
    the memories surround me,
    they captured me,... more »

  • You Hold My Heart

    You Hold My Heart

    You are my love
    You are my light... more »