• Darkness

    If I could,
    I’d run away,
    And leave you in the dark.
    Alone in the world... more »

  • Forgetting Myself

    I don’t know who you are anymore.
    But I don’t know myself anymore either.
    I see your face but I don’t recognize you.
    Just as I see an unfamiliar face in the mirror.... more »

  • In The Middle

    Caught between
    One love or another.
    Both seem to be
    More than a brother.... more »

  • Living A Lie

    I thought you were someone else,
    But you were just an imposter,
    A phony, a fake.
    And each day,... more »

  • Lost In My World

    I see a picture of you.
    And it stays in my mind and heart forever.
    And when I forget about it,
    It gets lost in my world.... more »

  • Now You Know Who I Am

    I wish you knew
    How much I despise you.
    How I act when I’m not with you.
    How I act when I’m alone.... more »

  • Reaching Out

    To touch my life is to touch the sky.
    I don’t exaggerate,
    I don’t lie.
    My wings are spread,... more »

  • Taking Off My Mask

    I’d give anything
    Just to take off this mask
    And show you who I really am.
    Then you’d know how I feel about you.... more »

  • The Beaches Of My Life

    Hatred has washed upon my shore
    Like an ocean of pain and sorrow.
    Slowly but surely washing away the grains
    Of happiness along my beaches.... more »