• I

    I am I
    I've become me through the instrumentality
    of the links between me and others.... more »

  • I Love You

    I looked around and i glanced upon your smile,

    L ovely as ever, i tried to get closer,
    O nly to be stopped by my fear that one day, only... more »

  • Love Candy

    Admiring the wrapper
    hands in tremor,
    Wondering what flavor
    is it sweet or sour?... more »

  • Love Gone Wrong

    Everyday i sit and pray,
    to be together, with you forever....
    Things were great,
    my life's complete,... more »

  • Nervous

    I feel my blood rushing as you get near,
    my heart starts racing when i see you there..
    Getting all nervous, my hands start to sweat
    my words are then silenced, my body numbs itself... more »

  • Since Before

    ever since then
    ive started liking you
    as days turned
    ive begun to fall for you... more »

  • Sleepless

    Tossing and turning,
    in my mind you are running.
    Cant fight this feeling,
    about you i keep on dreaming.... more »

  • The Marionette

    With strings attached to thy malicious hands
    And a body covered by filthy dust,
    Wooden limbs connect by joint
    A marionette cries with emotions felt... more »

  • Usual Signs

    Usual Signs

    iv'e almost given up hope
    of feeling the usual signs...... more »

  • When Did It Change?

    ... more »

  • When Love Finally Came

    I held your hand,
    And kept you close.
    Offered my heart,
    My body and soul.... more »

  • Who Am I?

    Mountains, heavy are the mountains
    but that changes, with the passage of time.
    Sky, blue sky
    what your eye can't see what your eye can see... more »