• Happy Mother's Day

    You are the light of the day as you are my
    mothers sake, let's wish us a Happy Birthday and
    Happy Mothers Day. So come out and say yea cause
    its Mothers Day. Mothers Day is here once a year and... more »

  • I Miss You

    I miss you day by day as I think of you everyday
    I say to myself how much I miss you. Your always on my
    mind. As the days go by I think of you. I wish you wouldn't
    have left me. My love for you will never die. But I know... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    As I think of you. I dream of you
    as you were here. Your the light of my
    life. Your the joy of my day. I think again
    as you were mine. I miss the love we left... more »