• Alone

    have you ever felt so alone,
    and nothing makes sense?
    Well that's how i feel right now.
    Like I'm facing the world alone... more »

  • Broken

    leave me to die
    along with your dreams
    following blindly
    though you long to see... more »

  • Dying Roses

    Where are the roses I wanted?
    They are trapped inside my heart shaped box,
    along with with all the other broken dreams
    sealed away by too many locks.... more »

  • Fallen

    you walk on the darkened path
    of your hopeless fantasies
    your feet are cut and bleeding
    on the shards of your broken dreams... more »

  • I Cant Take This Anymore

    I wish that someone just knew
    I wish that someone could just see
    I wish that I didn’t have to keep lying
    I wish that someone would just take the time to ask me... more »

  • My Heart

    my heart is broken
    and it's all because of you
    my heart can't be mended
    together with some glue... more »

  • Never

    Never say I love you
    if you don't really care.
    Never talk about feelings
    that aren't realy there.... more »

  • Promises

    What are promises?
    If not an empty lie?
    Wrapped up beautifully,
    seeming to fall from the sky.... more »

  • Remember

    do you remember
    the first time we met
    do you remember
    the way you used to look at me... more »