CC Crystal Camacho December 17,1992

*: +Hi i'm in 8th grade and I go to ____? ? ? ______School. Ive been writing poems for a long time. You might think poems are just ryming well.... Poems are what you feel in your heart and what you have to say but you can't let it out. I wrote poems because I couldn't say what I felt I wanted to say.So I wrote it all on paper. So thats how I began to write poems. So I am here to present to you some of the wonderful poems that I had written.And what i had felt in my little heart! i hope you enjoy them and Vote u can also save the and PLEASE leave a comment or send me mail.+: *



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please crystal it me marvin i really want to talk to you please e-mail me at its important
crystal im not sure if you remember me but im marvin mayares we used to go to audubon like 5 years ago i really got to talk to you so write me back if you get this my e-mail adress is