CD Crystal Dawn May 17,1974

Crystal Dawn is a new up and coming poet. She's been writing poetry for over twenty years, and her first poetry book has now been published and available to the public. Her work represents the culture and psychology of a single woman, struggling through the perils of life in this time. Her poems have such imagery and exquisite symbolism that she can make you 'feel' the poem.

She is also an advocate for art and poetry, and its importance in our time. She encourages artists and writers to grow in their education and talent. She is also one of the creators of The Kaged Artists' Community, a group of like persons who believe in the development of the arts, whether visual or literal.

Her website can be found at http: //



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Reading the Fetus I am questioning the grounds of poetry... Though I believe most your poems are very mature, I think for that specific one you still haven't decided if you want people to read it or feel it as you felt it when you wrote. The latter happened to me, and therefore my objection. I would have liked to be warned, and so far I believe poems warn you somehow by possessing that very character of 'a poem'... But then again, art doesn't have to be admired, not even accepted, to be good.