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As i sit and dwell, in my own little get away of capture,
You are the only vision to me as a softening glow from the sky,
you warm my inner soul like melting fire beneathe my feet,
i felt alone like a lonely girl lost in the dark wilderness proped against a tree, all of my surrounding were that of lost Birds and The whisping wind crashing through the strands of my hair,... more »

Breathe Me

I sit here in a daze in this lonely darkened world that resides in my own mind of confusion.
Inhaling deeply a breath of the way i wish it could be and exhaling everything that doesn't work.
Within every step i take, lies a footprint in my burning soul that seems so cold, so still
My lips move to the sound of every falling raindrop... more »

Shattering Heart

He still lives inside her
she whispers into the silent room

i don't want to be without you... more »

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