• All Alone

    I'm all alone,
    in a world so black,
    sound of my heart,
    is what i lack,... more »

  • Alone

    Why did you leave me all alone,
    why are you never home,
    you say you love me mom,
    but why are you always gone,... more »

  • Broken Angel

    I see a broken angel,
    lost and alone,
    a sad little girl,
    with no where to go,... more »

  • Depression

    Depression takes hold
    losing all control
    fake a smile
    act for a while... more »

  • Dont Wanna

    I don't wanna talk,
    or even listen,
    the only thing wrong,
    is I'm still living,... more »

  • Empty

    I Hear you call me names,
    while you laugh and play,
    don't you see the tears,
    falling down my face,... more »

  • Fear

    Watching the rain,
    slowly fall,
    I'm going insane,
    from it all,... more »

  • Fly Away

    Take me away
    where I'm happy
    then you and me
    will always be... more »

  • Hurt

    I hurt myself today,
    to see if i still feel,
    living in a dream,
    it all seems so real,... more »

  • Insane

    I watch my blood fall,
    and think maybe I'm insane,
    the smile on my face,
    I'm revealing in my pain,... more »

  • Lonley Girl

    Lonely girl without a friend,
    lonely world lost in sin,
    in this world she doesn't fit in,
    they all laugh and call her names,... more »

  • Mom

    I know i make you cry,
    when i use that knife,
    but please don't say goodbye,
    i need you in my life,... more »

  • Never

    Ill never be,
    the same again,
    ill never laugh,
    quite like i did,... more »

  • Noone

    Surrounded by friends,
    but still so alone,
    they all seem to care,
    but they don't seem to know,... more »

  • Rose

    One finale rose
    with a goodbye
    a simple note
    says you tried... more »

  • Sad Birthday

    Sitting here so lonely,
    birthday came and gone,
    not a single present,
    no happy birthday song,... more »

  • Sad Life

    I look into her hollow green eyes,
    as she tries to end her life,
    oh what a sad little girl,
    to live such a horrible life,... more »

  • Selfish

    You see that girl,
    with the tear streaked face,
    this little girl,
    doesn't know her place,... more »

  • Suicide

    You say you hate me,
    call me a who*e,
    it really hurts,
    when you say I'm not yours,... more »