• A Broken Love

    When I’m afraid of loneliness, I tend to grasp onto the closest thing in my reach. I try to convince myself that maybe; just maybe, I need a little more time to heal from the broken love I once knew. And out of no where, all of a sudden, I feel that by forgiving and making up with the one’s who’ve tainted me, I can escape from the painful reality that I desperately need let them go.

    My memories don’t hold what my heart knows is a lie. Yet the broken love still lingers to blind me from the truth of my pains and hardships. By holding onto that person, I feel that a second chance is easier on my heart than facing the truth that once the trust is gone they’ll never get it back. Even though I’m afraid of letting go, my conscious reveals what my heart must do. For deep in the corners of my soul, I feel love’s pain. The aches of despair flow through my back resulting in a cluster of spasms. The weakness of my intelligence submissively blocks my knowledge of unwillingness to strive to push past my strongholds.... more »

  • A Long Missed Love

    The love that we shared
    Took over my mind.
    I could never fall in love with another
    You were one of a kind.... more »

  • As The Days Pass Us By

    As the days pass us by
    On our lives we realize
    That each day that we wasted
    Is a choice we cant un-paste it... more »

  • Dear One Who Thought They Knew Me

    I know I’m not perfect
    I know I’m no angel
    I know I’ve made mistakes
    Let a guy fool around... more »

  • Dreams

    With eyes alive
    Or eyes asleep,
    Neither matters
    Yet you dream.... more »

  • Im Gone

    Thump thump thump....
    I feel my heart beating
    Thump thump thump....
    I pray my blood is still rushing... more »

  • In A Sinner's Eyes

    I feel the flesh on my bones weighing heavy and dense.
    As my muscles within, sporadically grow frightfully tense.
    I feel my spirit spiraling down towards weak.
    Every time I part my lips to courageously speak.... more »

  • Once Innocent Child

    How did an innocent child
    Over the years become so wild
    She used to feel like she was worth it
    Like the life she had she deserved it... more »

  • Rain

    Rain relaxes the tension in my mind.
    It always soothes the feeling of temptation.
    rain lightens the burdens on my shoulders.
    it never makes me feel trapped in the life of passion.... more »

  • The Day I Found Out

    The day I found out
    Brought tears to my eyes
    That my favorite big brother
    Had been shot and died... more »

  • The Deadly Day

    I was chillin all day
    With not a care in the world
    Sittin back playin a game
    It was me and my homegirl... more »

  • The Teenage Heart

    Teenage years are those phases in a person’s life when they try to distinguish the rights and wrongs and make an effort to decipher the untold stories of the world. Some people have said that in these years, a teenager may find themselves caught in a whirl wind of mysteries. The effect of the uncertainty they encounter, is the quest for an honest friend. Someone they can confide in, tell all their secrets, and be themselves with. They search for someone that can understand them and accept them for who they truly are. They are eager to discover that person who can guide and accompany them through the many challenges that the teenage years can acquire. Therefore, it can be said that the root of a teenage love, is the mere pursuit of a genuine friendship.

    “What is love, ” asks a questionable youth. Some say that love is in fact the aspect due to which romance is conjured up into a relationship. Others believe that love is something that is individually determined and can not be measured by the eye. It is said by some that a teenage love most likely wouldn’t last a lifetime, but can be an experience in which the individual can take with them throughout their lifetime. Those experiences can create a more clear vision into relationships and can help teens construe future situations that are destined to come. The question shouldn’t be what is love, but what factors should they analyze before deciding to venture into an unknown direction.... more »

  • The Voice Within

    There's a voice within,
    Whispering all my secrets
    Whispering all my lies.
    There's a voice within,... more »