• All I Need Is U...

    Please keep me strong and give me
    the strength i need to carry on because
    All i need is u...
    you are my only comfort when i cry... more »

  • Closed Eyes

    there are so many
    closed eyes
    watching me.
    eyes that are open but... more »

  • Distress

    today, i met a girl who was so confused
    her love didn't love her anymore
    and hasn't realized she was in school
    she is depressed from her situation... more »

  • Holding On

    It seems like everyday i'm holding on for my dear life
    and everyday i have to keep up a fight.
    a fight that keeps me alive
    not happy... more »

  • She's Gone

    She's gone. yep... packed up
    and left me
    when i need her... more »

  • The Ultimate Equation Of Beauty

    Beauty is a thing of Pleasure.
    this allows Love to be apart of Beauty.
    Love is related to Devotion.
    this allows Cherish to be apart of Love.... more »

  • These Words Are 4 U...

    This one is just 4 u...
    so i'll try my best to make it
    i won't speak... more »