• "Flow River Flow Take Me From This Road To Some Other Town"

    so it is 'bout this day and this year and the river that is life takes me yet again
    to some other place.

    On fifty a man should have gained some grace... more »

  • Angelic Edginess

    Everyday i waken to a new effervescence:
    Joy of All
    Poetic Death... more »

  • Another Dreamscape

    ... more »

  • Blues Or Dance

    Blue to nothingness
    peaks fade in and out of that selfsame blue
    my rug is a dirty dusty kind of blue.
    Some short time ago I too was blue.... more »

  • Buck N Rail Redoux

    "Tired 'ol buck 'n rail"
    I wrote a long while ago:
    "I have leaned on you untold
    sunsets and too many cigars, and yes... more »

  • Grave Doubt

    The certainty of Grave Doubt

    caught me unawares.... more »

  • Hold On Heart

    Hold on heart
    and take a broken breath
    this thing might go... more »

  • I See Her

    I see her tender hair close on her cheeks
    near pierced and pewtered ears.
    She has lengthened her body
    and felined her features... more »

  • I Was Sitting

    I was sitting
    and there was no you

    so I read... more »

  • Long Ago In A Lover's Life

    Third grade
    Oh God not again!
    But...but I have new button shiny... more »

  • Nobility

    You came for the rest of your stuff yesterday
    And pulled the weeds from amongst the columbines.
    I watched you in those flower beds.
    I helped you pack seasoned river gear.... more »

  • Note To Self:

    Note to self:
    It's just a goddamned sunset
    If yer gonna cry like that... more »

  • Obsidian

    Lying in the house of chaos and love
    where the morning melted around me
    and like a random piece of obsidian
    one rock among the gravel shores... more »

  • Oh Mama

    Oh mama
    this sun seems some
    other planet's
    'our new normal'... more »

  • Oh My Son

    Oh my son
    please please see- it doesn't at all matter where or in what or with whom- we ultimately choose.
    We can choose that light over the dark, joy over the sorrow, creation over angst …
    that is what i now know and is why i sit overlooking a busy highway and a busy airport and an agonized snow rots away in the week before christmas... more »

  • On Zappa And Boatbuilding

    wet snow just dumping outside
    Zappa's loud and torrential
    These beam blocks are slow and 'fiddly'
    as the Brits are wont to say.... more »

  • Only-Ness Tonight

    Only-ness tonight is a bit alone:
    job played out
    and bank account nearly too
    and why do i need these reading glasses... more »

  • Paree Dreams

    The cobblestones were dark and maybe wet.
    And the road was Paris narrow
    Like a Rue de Henry Miller
    Seen from an Anais window.... more »

  • Planting

    Clear Mind
    Know nothing

    Still... more »

  • Pointing The Moon Out

    I was pointing the moon out just the other night
    saw my finger instead and  i wondered which was right
    cause its looking that way
    and not the other looking back... more »

  • Sojourners

    Sojourners of those western dualities:
    Trained to think" good/bad, beauty/ugly
    he/she, this/not this...
    Appropriate of course when playing 20 questions... more »

  • Two Tries [for A Gun]

    Just another day in Paradise
    And why couldn't my mind
    get any traction?
    we slid into the kitchen... more »

  • Upon Taking A Warm Shower

    out of a showerhead and
    or hot even:... more »

  • Well Done Dawn

    Well done Dawn
    Well done.
    All beauty
    and then... more »