• Death Overcomes

    broken, beaten, left alone
    through my eyes love has shone
    death cascade all around
    blood drips through to the ground... more »

  • Eternity My Love

    i never thought that i would fall in love with you
    but when i looked into your eyes i knew
    that you were the one for me
    so now i ask on bended knee... more »

  • Feling Depressed

    as I sit here and cry for you
    I'm so sorry for what i was forced to do
    depression over takes this heart of mine
    no hope for redemption shines... more »

  • For You I'Lll Suffer

    tears fall unto a broken heart
    i loved you from the beginning, from the start
    i miss the moments that we once shared
    but, you didn't see, how much i cared... more »

  • Help Me

    stuck in this life I'm liven
    to you, my heart I'm given
    i stand an cry through the rain
    please Lord rid me of this pain... more »

  • I Was There

    i was there when you cried
    i never gave up, i stayed by your side
    at first you didn't see
    how much you meant to me... more »

  • Lesson Learned

    cracked, broken all alone
    through the years i have grown
    to become catious, cold as ice
    never again to hurt me twice... more »

  • Living Free

    Sitting here just doing me
    Living wild, being free
    Alone I lay in my bed
    Thoughts of you running through my head... more »

  • Mistakes

    stuck an drowning in this dark place
    through the night I'm haunted by your face
    I'm finally through
    denying that i ever loved you... more »

  • My Beautiful One

    My beautiful princess you rescued me
    You captured the darkness and set me free
    I never knew loving you would be so great
    Falling for you has become my fate... more »

  • My Dark Prince

    you brought me out, you healed my pain
    but to you there wasnt anything to gain
    you did it out of the goodness of your heart
    somehow i knew you were the one from the start... more »

  • You

    looking into your eyes at the end of the day
    drop to my knees i begin to pray
    that you be there for me like i was for you
    anything for you i would do... more »

  • Your Face

    it's been a while since i seen your face
    you came along to this dark place
    I'm torn not being able to have you
    what we had was something young, something new... more »