• Cats

    They are the clowder of panthers
    that fled the jungle as cubs,
    traveled north to the Lower Nile,
    and swore never to grow up,... more »

  • More Mice

    There were more mice, and more mice,
    and more and more mice,
    and by midnight, there were close to a hundred,
    slidin’ and skatin’ on the waxed wood floor,... more »

  • Shabbona Swimming Pool

    I feel warmth
    from hot water pipes,
    as I lean against the wall
    to pull up my swimsuit.... more »

  • The Rages Of Garlic Is Love

    Garlic, you poser,
    you snowy-hearted non-participant,
    lying languid in the pantry
    like a cold-shouldered bimbo next to old onion.... more »