• A Christmas Carol

    A Christmas Carol
    One of my favorites
    A haunting old tale
    From back in time... more »

  • Blizzard

    It’s so pretty to see everything show

    Covered in a thick blanket of snow... more »

  • Changing Seasons

    Fall is quickly approaching

    Right before our eyes... more »

  • Christmas

    I love all the preparation

    For December celebration... more »

  • Dreams Or A Memory?

    Woke up in another time in place
    Somewhere in Louisiana in the 16-1700’s
    I have maids, and I’m wearing a
    Black hat and a black and white dress... more »

  • Fall

    Remembering the days of old, when father raked the leaves of
    Golden, yellow, brown and orange
    Jumping into the huge crisp pile, I tossed them all about
    As my father raked them on top of me... more »

  • Fog

    Something eerie about the fog
    Hovering over a town for a spell
    Fog has its own personality
    Causing your eyes to play tricks... more »

  • Freezing Fog

    Time is still
    a frigid air 'ice age'
    the world has frozen
    In its own tracks... more »

  • Halloween

    Soaked trees from the rain
    and fallen leaves, that cover paths
    lined with glowing pumpkins
    Houses with dimly lit porch lights... more »

  • Jfk

    The assassination of President John F. Kennedy
    To many this has always been an unsolved Mystery

    JFK was shot in Dallas, Texas on the 22 of November... more »

  • Memories

    Memories of good times
    A thought of long ago
    Music reminds you of
    A time that has passed... more »

  • Money

    Stop spending your MONEY!

    Money should only be used to get what you need
    Only spend a few dollars here and there to feed... more »

  • Movies

    Influenced and taught us
    Made us laugh then cry
    Frightened us and
    Made us think... more »

  • November 22,1963

    My mother had just put me down for a nap
    And was folding clean diapers on her lap
    When Cronkite broke in on her show
    And announced for everyone to know... more »

  • Obscurity

    Walking through the woods
    I’m not sure where I’m at
    The darkness I’m looking into
    Is exceedingly overpowering... more »

  • Over The River And Through The Woods

    Thanksgiving never will I forget
    Hopping in the car for the very long ride
    Frost on the grass, glistening in the sun
    Singing songs and counting grain bins to pass the time... more »

  • Subzero-Polar Vortex

    Stuck inside for quite a few days
    After the sky hurled down the ice, snow and freezing rain
    Leaving bitter-cold temperatures that are quite frightening to hear
    All the news reports suggest “staying inside and being safe”... more »

  • Success

    Success is measured in many a way
    Because you have lots of money they say
    Or because you have an education
    From a good college with accreditation... more »

  • Summer Memories

    I miss the days when I’d help my grandmother
    Those were the days like no other
    Hang the freshly washed clothes out in the sun to dry on the line
    I used to enjoy helping her all the time... more »

  • Sunset Walker

    Departure the welcoming light to go into the darkness
    Wedged between night and day, for a split second
    The splendor the Sunset Walker can see is captivating
    Observing the color of the cloud's and sun's transformation... more »

  • Thanksgiving Memories

    What I love most about Thanksgiving
    I can look back and remember
    The many years’ of great times
    Our family had sitting around... more »

  • Thanksgiving Poem

    It’s a time for giving thanks
    Not just time to stuff your tanks

    Many won’t have the traditional... more »

  • The Bulldog Of Bergen

    Won boxing matches with Lewis, Lasky, Corn Griffin, Swiderski,
    Then many more titles with Griffiths, Farr, Stillman, and Levandowski,

    Jackson, Caggiano, Darnell and Dobson... more »

  • The Kennedy's

    The Kennedy’s
    Joe and Rose’s Children

    Joseph’s plane was shot down near England during WWII... more »

  • Time

    Use your time wisely or you just may regret
    Read a nice book about a true story of a pet

    Write family stories to pass on down... more »