hey, my names cynthia but everyone calls me cyndi. I was born in Kodiak, Alaska on May 19,1992. I have lived in Alaska all my life and i have written poetry since i was 7. A passion for poetry or maybe just for freedom of expression has always run in my family. i love to wrestle and play sports as well as read. I've been called complicated, morbid, and I've also been called closed off.I am working on graduating high school so i may begin basic training to join the marines......im proud of all the men and women who have stood on the frontlines of war and given their lives for our freedom.....i pray each night that our troops will return home successful and alive....thank you and god bless you all


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~ Letters To Santa Clause ~

Blissful quiet fills the halls all around as the children lay so peaceful in their long lasting slumber. One dreams of the snow fight he plans to win tommorrow and the other dreams of a way she could fight to protect her family, just like the strong couragous soldiers she wrote letters to day after day. The girl was so much younger than her brother and she knew she had years to wait until she coudl do all she could to protect all that kept her free. This young girl wanted so much to give her country all it had given her. She woke to the sound of the front door opening and feet creaking and tip-toeing across the living room floor. She went to the door and peeked out and right infront of her was her one christmas wish come true. She could remember word for word what her letter to santa had said. Such inocent words that would make the strongest man weak. She had written a letter to Santa and this is what it said....
Dear Santa Claus,
I'm not ging to say I haven't been naughty because i'll admit there were times where i argued with my mommy and times when i just ignored what she would ssay. Sometimes i can be stuborn and more often then not i've been very disobediant. My free spirit and anxious on the go attitude keeps me from settling down. I'm still young Mr. Claus and im bound to make mistakes, but dont we all? But Santa, even though i haven't always been obediant i have one christmas wish and one gift i'd very much like to have. You see, my daddy is a strong man who fights to protect us and the rest of this beautiful country. It has been three years since i've seen my daddy and i miss him so. I wish to be jsut like him when i grow up. my one christmas wish this year is to see my daddy again. i miss him so much and i know its very selfish of me to want to take him away from what he does day by day but to see him again i would do anything and i would never again argue with my mommy. Well santa i hope you'll atake into consideration my wish but for now that is all i have to say. Thank you for reading this santa, even if you cant make my wish come true.
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